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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, March 31, 2016

hoppy easter

Easter weekend was great.

Mary had a tumbling meet in Burley Saturday morning, so we headed to Pocatello Friday night.

It had been a LONG week, and I was in desperate need to get away, and to be with my parents for a little while.  Even though I am all growed up, I still need my mommy.

Saturday morning, Ben, my mom, Molly, Mary and I headed out to Mary's meet.

The three boys stayed home with Bop, to do man things.  :)

Mary's meet was extremely small.  She was the only one competing in her group on double mini, and there were only two of them on floor!  Normally, there are around 15 in each group.

It was fun to watch Mary tumble though, and to hang out with Ben and my mom.

Mary did great, and she even mobilized up to level 8 on double mini!

 It was fun to have Ben there.  He is usually home with the other kids, while I take Mary to her meets, so it was great for him to be able to see Mary in action.
 There was a little warm up room where the athletes could go to stretch and get ready for their next event.  We were hanging out by the room, and I glanced in there to see this.
My heart completely melted.  This picture is an absolute treasure.  My precious girls.

After the meet, we grabbed the best lunch ever at Papa Kelsey's, and headed back to the boys.

We came home to this.

My dad had real wood and nails upstairs, along with power tools, and he and the boys had been "playing" while we were gone.  Luke had a real tool belt on, and he was over the moon!  They also cut out Sam's pinewood derby car.

Boys will be boys.

I was so happy that my boys could have some quality time with their grandpa.

We dyed eggs in the afternoon, and hung out together.

That evening was the General Womens conference.  It was special to be able to go with Mary and my mom.  It was a wonderful conference.  They talked a lot about service and love.

My dad and I stayed up late talking and stuffing easter eggs for the hunt the next morning.  It is so nice to be able to just hang out with my dad and get advice and a listening ear.  He is a good man.

Easter morning was crazy as usual.  The kids were very excited to see their Easter baskets.  Unfortunately, the hunt had to wait until after church.

Church was wonderful!  The lesson in Relief Society was exactly what I needed to hear.  It was all about raising children. 

Sacrament meeting was also very neat.  Dexter Hill (Taysom Hill's brother) and a family friend, died suddenly on Friday night, and his family came to Sacrament meeting.  His father spoke about his son's death and some insight he had gained.  His strength and faith were amazing, for having lost his son just less than 2 days prior.  I was able to give Taysom and his parents a hug after the meeting.  I was really hoping Jordan would be there.  I went to High School with him, and he was a good friend of mine.  His family was still traveling to Idaho though.  The whole spirit of the meeting was very neat.  Perfect for Easter.

After church, it was picture time.  I always take pictures of the kids on Easter Sunday, all dressed up in their new Easter clothes.  The kids were bursting at the seams to get going with the Easter Egg hunt, and they had a bad case of the wiggles.  The kids looked adorable though!!!


After pictures, we let the kids rip off their Sunday clothes, and FINALLY go hunt for the 80 Easter eggs.
They seriously found them in less than 10 minutes!

 We had a very yummy Easter dinner, hung out a little more, and then drug our feet out the door to head back home.

It was a wonderful Easter.

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! Your kids are over the top adorable! They all have such light radiating from them!