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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

we are thankful!

Thanksgiving this year was wonderful! 

The good neighbors, Mike and Mel and their boys Tyler and Trevor, drove all the way here from Colorado Springs, CO, just to spend the holiday with us.

Waiting for them to arrive honestly felt like Christmas morning.  We love them so much, miss them terrible, and get soooo excited when we get to see eachother again.  Ours is a friendship that time and distance won't hurt or make fade.  We always hold out the hope that one day we can all own a cabin together, or just plain live next door to eachother again.  Someday...

The arrived Wednesday night, and the second they walked in the door, our home was filled with love, laughter and friendship.

Thanksgiving day was spent playing in the snow, talking, laughing, playing games and letting the kids play.  And of course, some cooking was involved. :)
I had to skimp on the cooking from scratch this year, due to me just being a few weeks out of major surgery, but even with boxed stuffing, Rhodes rolls, and Marie Calendar pies, the dinner was really yummy, and I did squeeze in a few dishes from scratch. 

for the first time, we used the extra leaves for the table.  It was awesome!

After thanksgiving dinner, Mel pulled out some gifts she had brought.  The kids were so excited to get tickets to a "movie night" and new pajamas!  Thank you so much Mel, you rock.

We all settled in for a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, popcorn, and a great evening with friends.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.

The next day, I was feeling the effects of maybe doing a little too much, so I stayed home with Molly while everyone went swimming at the Kamas pool.  The kids came back with all sorts of stories, and it sounded like they all had a great time.

That evening, we drove to Salt Lake, and literally made it within seconds of watching the lights of temple square turn on!  Perfect timing.  It was awesome.

It was absolutely freezing, and there were people everywhere, so we found a little restaurant, and hung out in the warmth for a while and ate dinner. 

After dinner, we headed back out to look at more lights, and also to check out the newly remodeled Church history museum.  I could have stayed in the museum for hours!  I could not believe how much stuff is in there.  There are some truly amazing things, like the clothes Hyrum Smith was wearing when he was killed, the pocket watch that was shot and saved a life, some of Emma Smith's things, and so on.

Whether you are a member of the church or not, it is a fascinating museum.  The lights were amazing as well.  They had them arranged really cool, especially the nativity scene.  It was so serene and magical.

I am so glad we braved the cold and the crowds to go to this special event.

We got home late, and went straight to bed. 
A storm hit that night, so Mike and Mel had to get on the road fast the next morning.  :(
It was really hard to see them go, but we were very thankful for the time we were able to spend with such great friends.

Until we see you again Mike and Mel......

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