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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

all aboard!

Ever since we moved to Heber, we have wanted to ride the Polar Express at Christmas time.  We have heard lots of cool things about it, but we never seem to get around to it.

This year, our neighbors, the Sweats, were able to get an amazing deal on tickets, for up to 12 tickets.  Exactly enough for their family, and ours.  Yup, we have some pretty awesome friends here. They invited us, and we gladly accepted.

The kids have been beyond excited for this!  Last night was the big night!
the kiddos

We boarded the train, I mean the Polar Express, and headed off.

We sang songs, listened to a girl play the fiddle, ate cookies and hot chocolate served to us by elves, had a little talent show, and the best part of all....we arrived at the North Pole where Santa boarded the train and talked to each child.

Unfortunately, by this point, Luke and William were asleep.  William woke up long enough to say hi, tell Santa what he wants for Christmas (a beyblade), accept the cool bell Santa gave him, and then go right back to sleep.

Poor Luke just would not wake up.  It was kind of ironic, because he was by far the most excited to ride the train.  This is the face he did when the train started moving.  Not kidding!
and of course, there was noise associated with his excited face as well.

Ben had a great time with Santa.
Molly took one look at Santa and screamed her lungs out.  You can see her crying in the above picture.  The poor girl!

Mary and Sam were sitting in another seat with their friends, so I didn't get pictures of them, but I am sure they loved it as least that is what the excitedly told us when the ride ended.

It was a fun ride, and definitely something cool to do to celebrate the season and get in some family fun.  I am so glad we were finally able to experience Heber's own Polar Express!

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