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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the chocolate freckle

William has been really into freckles lately.  Lucky for him, I have an abundance of them, and he likes to sit and touch each of them and comment on them.

It is pretty funny actually, and I love his little chubby fingers and big, blue, curious eyes poking at and looking at my arms and legs. 

The other day, William came walking into the room and announced to me that he had a "chocolate freckle."  He was very matter-of-fact, and I could tell he had been examining it for a long time.

He then sat down by me and spread his fingers apart.

Yes indeed, it looked like he had a spec of chocolate or something in between his fingers.  I gently scratched at it, and them smelled it.  After all, chocolate and poop are not fun things to mix up.  Any parent can tell you that.
Upon closer inspection, it is indeed a freckle!
For whatever reason, this completely cracked me up, and I instantly fell in love with the "chocolate freckle" and it's very unique placement.

William is so incredibly proud of it, and loves to show anyone.

He is so proud, in fact, that Luke feels like he needs to also have a "chocolate freckle", in order to join in all the hype.  He likes to show us his invisible freckle.

Gotta love my William and his cute, special markings.

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