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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

memorial weekend

Memorial weekend was a good one for us. 

Saturday, we did our usual thing.  Clean the house, run errands, and Ben took the kids to the bike trail.

Saturday evening, Ben's parents, JoJo and Lonnie came.  The kids were so excited to see them, and couldn't wait to show them all of their pets, toys and basically, anything they could think of.  It is always exciting around here when grandparents come to visit.

We had a fun evening hanging out and enjoying a nice summer evening outside, and watching funny Youtube videos inside, once it got too cold.

Sunday morning JoJo and Lonnie had to leave, and we headed off to church, and did our usual Sunday stuff.  Some of our good friends, the Aardemas,  are moving in a few days, and their whole family spoke in Sacrament meeting.  It was a great meeting, and also a little sad to be saying goodbye.

Monday, Memorial Day, Ben had his first downhill bike race in Sundance.  The kids and I drove up to Sundance to watch Ben.  We had to park in an upper parking lot, so we rode the shuttle down.  William thought it was absolutely amazing! 

We got there in time to look around at the gorgeous scenery and hike up the hill to watch Ben cross the finish line.
Little did I know, Sam was walking right toward a nice patch of stinging nettle.  Nice.  He wasn't to thrilled about it 10 minutes later, and for about 2 hours after that.  oops

the sun was right in their eyes, but they still look adorable to me

seriously, one of the most gorgeous places on Earth to me

Go Ben Go!

Ben came zooming past us, and flew through the finish line.  The look on my kids' faces was priceless.  Once again, Ben was superman in their eyes.  It was pretty cool to see.

We walked around a little bit more, and then the kids and I headed home while Ben did his final race.  It was nap time and lunch time, and the kids were being great, but just couldn't hold out any longer. 

Once we were all home, rested, and cleaned up, we headed to a neighbors house for a barbeque.  We spent the rest of the evening there and had a great time.  Good friends, good food, tons of fun for the kids, and perfect weather.  It was rejuvenating and nice to just hang out and bask in the goodness of our wonderful neighborhood.

Today, we are back to our normal schedule, with another fun weekend ahead.  A visit from Grandma Sylvia and Kelsey for a few days,  maybe a trip to the zoo, and the last day of school on Friday!

Welcome summer!

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