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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, May 8, 2014

half way, plus a week or two!

So, today I woke up, and of course, I was hungry.  That tends to happen when you are growing a human inside of yourself.

Instead of eating about 10 of the pancakes I made for my family, I got to drink a glass of water.  Awesome.

Then, about 30 minutes later, I was at my OB's office, in the lab, being handed a drink that literally looked like snow cone syrup on steroids.   Sugar is the one thing that still makes me feel really sick, so to me, I felt like I was staring at a bottle of orange poison.

I was told to drink this lovely concoction, on an empty stomach, while the lab lady sat and stared at me.  No pressure or anything.  Apparently, the drink is so gross, that women were lying about drinking it at home, before their appointment. So now, we all get to suffer while a lab tech stares at us.  What gives!

I choked down the thick, sugary substance, looked at the lady and then decided to tell her, that I am pretty sure a Snickers would have served the exact same purpose.  She laughed and sent me up to my appointment, I wasn't joking.  All the way up to the office, the sugary syrup was making it's way through my blood system, and making me feel like a starving, jittery, nauseous, wired person.

Thankfully, my appointment was brief, and full of normalcy.  At this point, normal is awesome!  Baby's heart sounded great, she is growing right on target, my blood pressure was normal for the first time (probably because I was too sugared up and sick to worry about something being wrong with me or the baby), and the review of the ultrasound I had 2 weeks ago, that was sent to my OB, looked great.  I was thrilled to have a normal appointment, and to hear another doctor say that all is well.  It was also really fun to be able to refer to our baby as a she, instead of an it.  Good appointment.

I finished my appointment happy, but feeling horrible from the sugar, and went back to the lab.  This time, so the same lab lady could draw my blood.  Funny how she commented on my looking a little green.  Right when I was thinking, "well, at least it is just a finger prick this time, nothing big,"  she pulled out a big ol' needle, stabbed me and took two vials of my blood.  What the?!? 
 Good times.

I met up with Ben 1/2 way home, and we swapped cars, info about the appointment,  and kids.  He headed on to work, I headed home with the boys.

I came home, grabbed a few pieces of whole wheat bread to try to help with the nausea, changed, and  headed to the gym.  I just wanted to work that sugar out of my system, and to feel normal, while the boys were in good hands at the kids club, away from their glucose crashing momma.  I am so grateful for the gym, and that I am able to go.  It was refreshing.

Now, I am home.  Feeling better, but crashing fast. Sugar crashes aren't pretty folks.

Can I just tell you how thrilled I am that I will never, EVER, have to do that blood glucose test again!  There are a lot of things I will probably miss about pregnancy (although I have yet to find one, aside from knowing I am growing a sweet, innocent, squishy, precious baby), but this is another one of those things that I am celebrating that I will NOT miss, and I will never have to do again!  

Um, maybe I should knock on wood.  The results aren't back yet, but I am thinking positive here.

And since I never post pregnancy pictures of myself, I decided that I should take a picture, since I am at the half way point, and this is my last pregnancy. 

So, here we are, at 22 weeks. 

 Say hello to baby girl Maynard in utero. 

Hi sweet baby, can't wait to meet you!

  More good news.  I am FINALLY feeling her move every day now.  It isn't much, but I am so grateful. 

I usually feel my babies move around 18 weeks, but this time around, my placenta is anterior, so it is acting as a cushion between me and the baby.  It makes it really hard for me to feel her move, and for the doctor to detect her heartbeat.   Some doctors said I may not be able to feel her move at all, until later in my 3rd trimester. 

Therefore, I am grateful for the tender mercies I feel every day, when I get a swift kick to the groin.

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