My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

cutting the carbs

I met with my dietitian today, to discuss our plan of attack for my gestational diabetes.

This will be my new normal for the next 5-6 months. ( I have to continue this diet until 6 weeks after I have the baby)
That "ReliOn" is my new finger poking device.  I got all ready for the first, big , epic finger poke (with William eagerly watching in anticipation, and my eyes squeezed shut), and realized that I forgot to buy testing strips.  Yeah, go me.  Obviously, there is a learning curve with all of this.

At first, when the doctor called and told me I had gestational diabetes, I was really frustrated and down.  It felt overwhelming and like it was just another thing to add to the list of complications this pregnancy.  I also thought that is was going to be an absolute nightmare trying to constantly count sugar, watch portions, check my blood, and learn a whole new diet. 

I hate dieting, in any form, when I am not pregnant ( I believe in balance in ALL food groups and exercise, with no guilt over occasional treats), but when I am pregnant, a strict diet seems like a form of torture! 

I crave, I eat, I am happy.  Happy pregnant Becky.

I crave, I can't have, I can't eat, I am grumpy and sad.  Sad pregnant Becky.

After today though, I feel much better about the whole thing.  It is really simple and easy...on paper.

I studied sports medicine for 4 years, and aside from that, I took numerous nutrition classes.  I understood the numbers and the terms.  I already knew about diabetes, what causes it, how to help it, and all that good stuff.  That was nothing new, and thankfully, it was a lot more simple than I anticipated.

I don't  really feel better because I learned anything new with Becky, my dietitian.  I felt better, because I have had time to realized how much this new diet can benefit me AND my family. 

Also, after hearing about all of the risks this can cause to my baby, I am more motivated than ever to be strict with it and be a good girl.  Her pancreas is actually forming this week, as we speak, and that is where all of the insulin and sugar regulation take place in the body.  My blood sugar and hers are the exact same, so we need to get it normal asap, especially while that vital organ of hers is forming.

It is actually a great reason for ALL of us to start eating a little better.  We don't eat terrible, and I will not be a fanatic, but there is always room for small improvements.

I am still not at all thrilled about poking my fingers 5 times a day, and to be limited down to 15 carbs per meal.   I won't be counting sugar at all, it is all about the carbs.  I guess that is nice.

At first, my new diet plan of 15 carbs per meal didn't seem bad to me at all, and then I sat down to eat lunch after working out today, and was in for a shock.

One slice of our whole wheat bread is MORE than my 15 carb. limit. ONE SLICE!
 6 wheat thins= 15 carbs
1/2 a banana= more than 15 carbs

I could only have one of these (and not even a whole one of these), and normally, I have all of them in one meal, plus some.  Yikes! 

In fact, almost all of my "go to" foods that are filling and satisfy my pregnancy cravings, are not in my diet plan anymore. They are not unhealthy foods at all, just unhealthy for the diabetic me.

Basically, I need to get used to meals full of meat and vegies, really fast!  Eggs are also great.  Too bad I got so sick with them in the first trimester, and now can't stand them.
Somehow I am going to have to say a sad, and hard goodbye to my beloved breads, pastas, and treats, and only have them in VERY small amounts. .

One big bonus to all of this, is that I am already hitting the exercise goals.  Exercise plays a really big role in regulating my blood sugar, especially if it gets high, so it felt good to know that I am already in a good routine with that....and that it MAY mean I can splurge on about 2 inches of an unfrosted brownie every now and then.  Yeah, go me.

Ben actually wants to try this new diet with me, but obviously he won't need to be quite as extreme as I have to be.  He has been wanting to limit his carbs too though, and what better way than to do it along with your wife, who is being forced into it.  He is awesome like that!  Doing this with Ben will make it easier and it will be nice to have someone to relate with.

I have also decided that we might as well cut back on all of the unrefined sugars in our house as well.  None of that is ever good for anyone, but right now, it is basically poison to me.

My new snacks will also be the kids new snacks.  (nuts, string cheese, vegies) I am not going to completely sever sugar out of their lives...that is just cruel and mean.  They are children after all.  They will still get treats and stuff, just not as often, and in smaller amounts.

It will be a good change for all of us, and aside from helping my little girl in utero, I guess that makes me feel like there will be some good to come of this.

So, in order to make lemonade out of lemons, (sugar free of course)  I am going to embrace my new "diet" as an opportunity to start a little bit more of a healthy eating plan in our house. 

Here we go!

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