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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, January 2, 2014

the trip - part 1

Mary got a camera for Christmas, and she was WAY better than I was at taking pictures during our trip, so the pictures on this post are all Mary's.  She is pretty good!

Each year, we try to visit both of our families around Christmas time.  To me, it is a huge highlight of the holidays.  As the children get older, it is becoming something to look forward to for them as well.

The day after Christmas, we drove to Boise.  Ben and the kids went skiing in the morning, while I packed and tried to organize our house that looked like a Christmas bomb had gone of the day before.

When they got home, we packed the car, and took off.

We all had a great time in Boise.  The kids LOVE playing with their cousins there, and they just play and run and play and run.  It is so nice, because all of Ben's siblings have several children, so no one is judging or complaining about anyone's kids.  We all know that we will just have to work around them, and we do.  The kids are as much a priority as the adults when it comes to having fun and doing activities and games.  We all understand, and we can all appreciate the fun they are having.  To me, I truly appreciate this, and my children bask in it and remember it long after the trip is done.

We are missing 5 other cousins in the pictures, but these are the ones we have.


Adam and Luke both LOVE to vacuum and mop, so they were a good pair.

cute Libby that looks like a porcelain doll.

The kids played, and the adults talked, hung out, the guys went shooting and sharpened their new knives.  We watched football games, went to Wes' house that he and his wife have completely remodeled, and just had a good time.

Aside from all of that, Mary, Sam and I went to visit Trudy and her kids.  They were our best friends and next door neighbors in Herriman, and we have missed them dearly.  It was so fun to visit with them!  Oh how I miss summer days on the lawn talking with Trudy and watching the kids play.  Maybe this summer, we will have a lawn, and once more, enjoy those same kinds of moments.

Taylor and Delilah

Sam and Landon (did not want picture taken)

Mary and Taylor

We also visited our friends from college, the Darringtons.  They were so kind to let our family of 6 barge in on them.  William body slammed their kid, their baby bit ours, toys were flying everywhere, and somehow we all just dealt with it, and tried to reconnect and bond through it all.  Good thing we all know how to laugh.  They were so kind, and we cherish our never ending friendship with them, that was born in good old Draper Oaks in Rexubrg, Idaho.

We also went to Build A Bear for Mary.  It was one of her Christmas gifts.  JoJo came with us, and pitched in so that Mary could get an outfit or 2 for her adorable raccoon she picked out.  As a stuffed animal lover myself, that store is an absolute wonderland.  I am so glad my daughter can have so much fun there.

Ben and I also celebrated our 10th Anniversary while we were in Boise.  Can you believe it, 10 years!  We had plans to go to Hawaii, but we are going to postpone it another year, due to miscarriages and plans to try to get our last baby here hopefully sometime in the near future.  The trip will happen though, and we are excited.

Instead of Hawaii, we went to the Melting Pot which is freakin' amazing!  It is a 2 hour experience of fondue goodness.  It was awesome, and a great way to celebrate our 10 years together.  It was fun to talk about all we have been through, and our plans for the next 10 years.  I am such a lucky woman.  Ben is my everything.

We had a great and fun filled time in Boise.  It was a good visit.

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