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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, January 19, 2014

cool encounters

On Friday, we got a babysitter for the two youngest, and we took Mary and Sam to Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) to watch the Visa US Grand Prix men's half pipe competition.

It is cool to see these guys on the computer or on TV flipping around the half pipe, but it is another to see it in person, right over your head, literally.

We were able to get as close as we wanted to, and it is just so crazy to see what these kids can do...yes, they are just kids.  Some of them teenagers, and others in their early 20's.  Not to mention that they are doing these flips with nothing but solid ice under them.

This was one of a few Olympic qualifying events, so there were world class athletes in the competition.  Ben could name them all off.

It was FREEZING, and Mary, Sam and I had to call it quits half way through.  We spend the last half watching from the warmth of our car at the bottom of the hill.  We got some yummy hot chocolate on the way home, and attempted to thaw out a little.  It was worth the cold though.  To see the talent of these athletes and the tricks they were doing, was amazing! It was a fun night.

It is pretty cool to live in an area where we can just drive 20 minutes and see things like this!  Especially with the winter Olympics coming up, there have been a lot of qualifying competitions here for various sports.  It is inspiring.

In another note...
Last week, at this same ski resort, while he was skiing, Ben recognized a familiar face.  (somehow with all of his ski gear on, including his goggles).  On closer inspection, Ben realized that it was Elder Nelson.  An apostle in our church.

 They were able to talk for just a few minutes, shake hands, and then be on their way. 
Pretty cool huh! 
I am still getting over the fact that Elder Nelson...age 89, was out there skiing!

He, along with about 9 other apostles, and our prophet, have homes here in Heber, so it isn't too uncommon to see them around, but it's usually in the summer, and usually when they are visiting your ward, or at the grocery store, or out doing yard work at their house. Just last month, as our ward was finishing up sacrament meeting, in walked Elder Uchtdorf.  He was visiting the ward after us, but it was neat to see him in the building, and to hear him speaking.

To see an apostle on the ski slopes...well, lets just say that is a perfect encounter for Ben.

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