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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, January 2, 2014

my mary girl

Mary turned 9 a week and a half ago.  I truly cannot believe she is 9!  She is acting more young woman than little girl already. 

I am trying to squeeze every last ounce of little girl out of her that I can.  She may be my only daughter, and I can't believe that we are already out of the doll, princess, dress up, phase, and moving into the crafts, invention, "can I have a more grown up room?", purses, "when can I wear make up", asking for a phone phase.

She is growing into a gorgeous girl, and her sweet personality is blossoming as well.  She is such a great helper with her little brothers, and is becoming a really good friend to me.  She is not a dramatic girl, she is very level headed and relaxed for a girl her age, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

Mary had a wonderful Birthday.  She had a party at the trampoline place, called Jump On It.  She invited 4 friends, and our whole family went as well.  We let Sam invite a friend, in order to spare him being surrounded by a bunch of girls.  Someday, he will realize that it might not be so bad. ;)

 I must say, driving 45 minutes with a car full of 9/10 year old girls was an adventure.  I don't think they ever finished one conversation, and there were at least 2 conversations going on at the same time the entire way there.  They talked so fast I honestly couldn't believe they could understand each other. The noise level was through the roof, and there were lots of squeals and screams to go with it.  It was nuts, but funny too. I just blasted Taylor Swift (their request) and tried to enjoy the ride.  I was just glad that the conversations were about music, silly jokes, and school.  Not boys, phones, drama and Justin Bieber-ish type nonsense.  I can wait for that.

On Mary's actual Birthday, she got a gift card to her favorite store in Park City, and we had a mom/daughter shopping date.  We had a great time.

She wanted Steak, potatoes and marshmallow salad for her dinner.  She cracks me up!  And instead of a cake, it was ice cream Sunday's.  She knows what she wants.

She also got a fish tank, and just got her two fish to go in it tonight.  She LOVES Percy Jackson books and movies, so she named her fish Percy and Grover, after the main characters.

All in all, she had a wonderful 9th Birthday. 

Birthdays are a big deal to me, because I love the chance to have a day to make my child feel extra loved and special.  With 4 kids, it can be hard to do this individually often, so I love how Birthday's are all about the child.

This was a hard one for me though, because aside from her being another year older, I can see the changes in Mary already.  I love the girl she is turning in to, but it is hard for me to see her grow up.  I just want my little girl with me forever.  However, I am excited to see how she grows and matures.  She is a beautiful girl, inside and out.

Love you Mary Girl!

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