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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, January 13, 2014

say what?

As you fellow blog readers may know, my little Lukey had 9 ear infections his first 9 months of life.  And those were the ones we for sure knew about.  It breaks my heart to even type this. 
Oh, sweet Luke.

When he didn't have an infection, his ear drums were always floating around in some nasty fluid and made the doctor concerned at every check up.

Luke finally got tubes in his ears last February, 3 months shy of his first Birthday, after a horrible bout of ear infections, RSV and pneumonia.  The tubes were miracle workers!  We went from an ear infection every month to one infection in the last year!

So awesome!  We love tubes!

However, I have noticed something the past few months, that has had my mother radar on full alert. 

Luke does not talk.

He does not say one word, and he is 20 months old.  Not even momma or dada

I have tried to listen to well meaning friends tell me that he is just the youngest, and doesn't need to talk, because everyone does things for him when he points.  I tried to believe that he was one of those kids that just wasn't interested in talking until he was older. 

But my mommy instinct has been telling me that something is wrong, and I haven't been able to shake it.

I have worked with him, and tried to teach him words.  He completely understand me when I say things, and points to the right objects when I say them.  He just doesn't say them himself.

I took Luke to the doctor last week, because he has been sick the last little while, and I was worried about ear infections.

By some miracle, Luke still has his tubes in!  They were only supposed to last 6 months, are we are coming up on a year!  These things are amazing.

However, Luke's ear drums are once again swimming in some nasty fluid, and the tubes are not draining it.

I haven't taken Luke in for an ear check up for almost a year, so this fluid could easily have been around for months and months and months.

The doctor then asked me if Luke is talking.

It was like the dam of concerns I have been harboring over Luke's lack of talking finally burst.  I told the doctor my concerns and fears, and let it all out.  It felt so good to finally voice my feelings about this.

She was awesome, and completely agreed with me.  She said that Luke has most likely been walking around with fluid filled ears, that make everything sound muffled, like he is under the water.

It COULD BE and MOST LIKELY is the reason he is not talking.  It is not a guarantee though.

Luke has a speech therapist coming over on Thursday to test him, and get us going on the right path. 

He also has an appointment with his ENT doctor to see what we can do about this fluid. 

It may just be some simple drainages every now and then for a while, but there has also been talk about a pretty major surgery as well, where they will re-route his ear insides.

OR, it could be nothing with his ears, and they are fine.

I guess we just sit tight for a couple more weeks, and see where we go from here.  I am just so relieved that we are on the way to helping Luke.

Oh sweet Luke!  Let's get you fixed up, and let the jabbering begin.  I know you have so much to say.

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Sue said...

I'm glad you are getting going on helping him out. I'm sure he will talk soon and never let up, but it's good to help if he needs it. I worry about Jason too and people tell me the same things you have heard, but you are his momma and if you are worried, you'll feel better getting things checked out. Poor thing with all the ear goop! I remember Easton's bad ear infections caused a speech delay in him, but eventually he just took off. I hope Luke gets feeling better soon!