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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, January 19, 2014

flippin' awesome!

Mary had her first TNT (tumbling and trampoline) meet yesterday.

It was hosted by her own gym, Heber Handspringers, and was held in the events center here in town.  There were over 650 athletes competing from all places, ages and levels.  It was a HUGE meet.
lining up for the first event

Mary was so nervous all morning.  I was nervous for her.  We are so used to gymnastics meets, and we didn't really know what to expect.  This is similar, but also very different.  The fear of the unknown was quite unnerving.

Instead of bars, beam, floor and vault, there is double mini trampoline, the long skinny bouncy floor, and the regular trampoline.

The meet lasted all day, and Mary was able to come home for a little while between each event.

She did awesome!

Because of her Birthday being right before the new year starts, she was put with the 10 year old girls, even though she will not be 10 for almost another year.  That was a little nuts.

There were approx. 15 girls in her age group on each event.

Mary rocked it!

She came away with first place on double mini...

3rd place on floor...

and 7 place on trampoline.

She was so happy and tried her hardest.  That is all we hope for at every meet and competition, regardless of the outcome.

 I am so proud of her for handling her transition from gymnastics to tumbling so well.  It was a hard (but necessary) break from gymnastics, and I wondered if her heart would ever find something she was so passionate about again.  I am thrilled to see her joy in tumbling. 

She is a resilient and strong girl.  Her sweet humility and joy in the success of others as well as herself, makes her a great athlete, and a true competitor in our eyes.

From birth, we knew Mary was born to fly, and fly she does. 

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