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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, January 2, 2014

christmas eve

Christmas Eve this year was awesome.  I absolutely love having my children at the ages they are.  It is makes it so much more magical, fun, exciting, and special.  I wish I could freeze them the way they are.

On Christmas Eve morning, we did our traditional Cinnamon Roll French Toast breakfast at Kneaders.  It did not disappoint!  It is ridiculously good. 

Then, it was off to the gym.  Yup, we went to the gym on Christmas Eve.  Gotta get the energy out somehow, and believe me, after that breakfast, a good run was in order. 

We hung out most of the day.  I baked goodies and Ben did some Christmas shopping.

That evening, we had a party at our house with some families in our neighborhood.  This is the first year I have hosted a Christmas Eve Party, and I am so glad we did.  It was so much fun, and it was nice to be surrounded by good friends.

We talked, played some silly games, the children acted out the nativity as Ben read from the Bible, and we ate yummy food.  It was wonderful.
Santa's beard game:  2 teams line up (their faces have been covered in Vaseline from the nose on down) Each person runs to the other end of the room and sticks their face in a bowl of cotton balls.  The team with the best "beards" wins.  It was HILARIOUS!

I was helping the kids get ready in the other room, so this is the best shot of the nativity I could get.  They are looking at "baby Jesus."

The last family left around 9:00, and we did a quick clean up of the house, and then settled down for some traditions and family time.

It was time to set out Santa's snacks, open our new PJ's, and attempt to get the kids to sleep.  Of course, we took the traditional Christmas Eve pictures in the PJ's.  William was about 3 hours past his bedtime, so we had to take the picture like this, instead of in order, in front of the fireplace.  Oh well, sometimes pictures like this have more personality anyway.
Luke was so was hilarious.  Sorry the picture is blurry.

I love these kids so much.

The kids built a fort up in the bonus room area, so we let them sleep in it.  I read them the story of Christ's birth once again, and we talked more in detail about it.  Sam said the prayer, and wished Jesus a happy Birthday, it was a heart melter.  He absolutely meant it.  It was cute to hear their excited giggles and conversations coming from under the blankets. 

Ben and I had already wrapped everything, so all we had to do was set up 2 bikes.

I set up the Little Tyke bike for Luke, and it ended up being extremely difficult and frustrating.  We lost our hammer, so I had to put it all together using a big boulder as a hammer.  I would not suggest that to anyone, ever, for any reason.  I was all sorts of kicking, groaning, roaring, banging, and throwing.  It took forever, but, I got it done, and all was well. 

We set everything all up, and then got all snug in our bed.

I admit, I couldn't sleep.  I was so excited for the kids, and for the look on their faces, and for the magic, joy and love and Christmas Day.  I was up a lot, just peeking out at everything and grinning.

It was a great Christmas Eve.

Always a kid at heart.

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