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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, January 2, 2014

resolutions...a few of them anyway

It may be cheesy, but I love making New Year's Resolutions.  It love the feeling of a fresh start, the hope of something new, the faith to continue on, and dreaming big.

A few of my resolutions are private, but here are some others that I am hoping to accomplish.

Here we go 2014!

-Cook slightly healthier for my family. 
         Nothing drastic or crazy, just add a few more vegies here, and few more fruits there, and a little less sugar.  Moderation and balance is all I care about.  Just trying to keep it real...and healthy-er.

-learn to sew better. 
       I know how to sew at a very basic level.  But I am still intimidated every time I pull out my sewing machine, which is seldom at best.  I want to sew Christmas stockings for my family, and curtains for several rooms in our house.  Maybe more accent pillows...I think I may have a slight obsession with accent pillows.  With the rate by boys go through pants, I might as well refresh my limited experience to patch, hem, and sew up holes while I'm at it.

-break open my books again, and start studying for the NASM exam.
      I have always wanted to be a personal trainer, and I know I can do it.  I already know the sports medicine part of it.  I spent 4 years of college and 90 hours of clinicals studying it.  I just need to set aside the time to study and take the test.  I plan to at least study more seriously this year, and MAYBE take the test.

-focus on my role as a mother for my specific family, and be happy with that.
    The world seems to think it knows what's best for raising my kids, but I'm pretty sure the world has no idea who my kids are, what their personalities are, and what techniques work for them.  Therefore, the world and it's advice, is just that...advice. No more guilt trips for not being super mom, being the right mom for my own children, is good enough.

-Keep going physically
   After these last 2 miscarriages, and the discovery of my "baby making system" beginning to shut down, I have had a hard time feeling healthy and fit.  I also know that we have another baby that needs to come to us, and the thought of another pregnancy doesn't exactly scream...get fit now!
It can be tempting for me to just put it all on hold for a while, so I don't have to go through the pain of getting super fit, only to miscarry, be sick with pregnancy, or have hormone issues all over again, and lose everything I had worked up to.
BUT, I am fit and healthy now, and I have worked hard to get here after my miscarriages.  I have started running again, and am up to 4 miles, followed by a fit class, or 30 minutes on the elliptical. 
I am just going to keep plugging along, come what may. 

Let things that don't directly effect or harm me and my family go, and let ignorant comments bounce off.
      From my experiences this past year, I am discovering that a lot of people are becoming intolerant, self-centered, and very opinionated about what everyone else is doing, and whether they think it meets their own "life rules" or not.  Me and my family have been a direct target of this this past year, from people who were very dear to us.  We have been treated so cruel and cold, over petty little things, it is unbelievable. We have also  put up with snippy comments (over the years) that are just so ignorant and insensitive, it is almost laughable.  I can't believe what people are capable of saying, or doing when they have no experience whatsoever of being in your shoes, or parenting several children, but think they can tell you how to do it all.  It is rude.

 Anyway, I don't want to become this way, so I am making a resolution to just live and let live.  If someone does something I don't like, or parents their child in a way that seems odd, or just does things differently that I do, I am just going to shrug and let it go.  I sure wish others would do the same for me.  If it doesn't directly harm me, who cares.  To each their own.  Things have a way of coming full circle anyway.

And that's all folks.  Cheers!

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