My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, October 3, 2009


It has been a BEAUTIFUL Fall weekend here in good ol' Colorado Springs! Absolutely gorgeous.
As I drove around yesterday with the kids, getting Halloween decorations to add to my collection, I couldn't help but just smile and smile.
The temperature is crisp and perfect.
The sun it out.
The trees are fire red, bright orange, deep yellow. Stunning!
The Halloween Decorations are up. And one costume is completely done!
The Christmas lists are done. And my best friend is going to be with me on Black Friday!I LOVE planning Christmas. It is just as exciting for me as the actual day. I love planning things to give and to do that will make other people happy.
The plans are all made to be with family this year for Christmas! It is going to be so much fun.
I am not sick yet.
I am still so giddy about being pregnant. I fall asleep holding my stomach and feeling so complete. I feel like a first time mom with all of the excitement (and paranoia).
Ben and I got in an some awesome work-outs this week.
Ben is 1/2 way done with his Masters.
We have a great Fall schedule all set and running.
There are Oreos in the pantry and there is really great milk in the fridge.

It is a new season, a new time of life, and a new feeling of hope and excitement.

Life is good.


The Maughan-sters said...

What can be better than oreos and milk?? (well and all the other stuff too!!!) I love this time of year too!!!!

Deanna said...

I ♥ you and your fabulous attitude! I also love this time of year. :)