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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, October 19, 2009

Invasion of the Squeekers Part 3

So, I really never planned on having a part three, but the mice had other plans.

Yesterday, every time I walked past a certain room in our house, I almost threw up. The smell was horrid! Truly. So, I decided to start cleaning and try to find the problem.

And boy did I find it. There it was, trapped in a camping bucket. A nice, little, brown, dead mouse. Stinking its way up to high heaven.

I did a little freak out dance and made a few shrieks of my own before throwing out the entire bucket and its contents. BLAH! I am still cringing. I showered soon after, and disinfected everything for the 100th time, but I still felt dirty all day.

That was it for us. Out came the traps, yes, the original traps, the ones that made me feel so bad for the mice. Not any more...or so I thought.

We ended up catching five mice yesterday. Go us! Before we went to bed, we set a nice little trap full of peanut butter in between the gerbil cage and the fireplace. The fireplace seems to be the place of entrance.

We woke up this morning to this.

Yup. No trap, no mouse, and one long trail of gerbil bedding. I don't even want to think about why the gerbil bedding was out of the cage. Ben searched high and low before work this morning, but to no avail.

The kids and I searched this morning, nada.

And then we got home from gymnastics. And that my friends, is where the story really begins. I sure hope you haven't eaten any time soon. I know I won't be eating for a least a week, and it isn't over yet.

So, we were all tired. Mary had an especially exciting day at gymnastics. A girl in her class accidentally kicked the coach and broke her nose. Blood all over the place. It was nasty and really sad. Anyway, back to the story.

When we got home, I turned on a movie for the kids and decided to lay down myself. That is when we heard a terrible squeaking and flopping noise coming from the kitchen. I froze on the couch, Sam ran into the kitchen, and Mary ran for her flashlight. The dog went nuts.

We followed the wretched noise over to the sink. Under the sink is a nice square hole where the vent cover used to be. No mistake, the mouse was in there, and it was alive.

The mouse got from the fireplace, behind two couches, around the wall, past the sliding glass door, into the kitchen, under the cupboards, and into the hole; all with a trap stuck to it. It must be Eddie.

It took everything I had to lay down on the floor with the flashlight, and look into that dark hole. I couldn't help thinking that the only exit for the mouse was going to be up my arm and over my face. (insert shudder here)

I looked in the hole, and the mouse immediately freaked out. I jumped about a mile, dropped the flashlight and ran from the kitchen. Somehow though, I was able to see the trap in the hole, and a little mouse foot stuck in it. The mouse had fallen down another hole and was hanging from the trap. So disturbing.

The mouse was being so loud by this point, that I decided to try again. I went to the garage and got out Ben's ski pole. Mary held the flashlight this time while I stuck the pole in the hole. Without looking, I fished around for the mousetrap and got it. I started dragging it toward me, but the mouse freaked out again and tried to run for us. This time, I left the pole, the flashlight and the kids behind and ran up the stairs. I honestly had to use the bathroom this time.

Next I called Ben. I knew he couldn't come home and save the mouse or us, but I guess I just wanted to let him know. He told me not to let the mouse bite me. Believe me, I don't plan on it. I think I would be mentally ill for the rest of my life if that were to happen. I got some sympathy from him and then hung up.

Next, I called the "good neighbor" Mike. Maybe he would be willing to get the mouse out, take it outside and put it out of its misery. No luck, Mike wasn't home, but he sure thinks this is pretty comical/nasty.

So, it is down to me. I got brave one last time and forced myself to look in the hole. The mouse had moved into the corner of the hole and was quiet. I got the ski pole and hooked it onto the trap. I began to slowly drag the trap toward me. The mouse freaked out again. That's it, game over.

And here I am, after lying on the couch for ten minutes to get the blood back to my face and to get my ears to stop ringing.
The mouse is still squeaking, the dog is still going nuts, and I am not trying again. Ben gets home in 3 hours. I think we may just need to go to Walmart, I am sure I can find a reason to go. If anything, we need more flour and powdered sugar.


runningfan said...


Deanna said...

You poor, poor, pregnant mommy! Oh, MAN!

Say, how's the H1N1 thing going? you guys feeling better? Hope so!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

I can't believe this story! I just can't help but laugh! I can just image your pregnant self on the ground with the kids trying to fish the little bugger out!! Love it!! Hope Ben gets home soon!! Let us know what happens!!

Lisa said...

Really Becky, potato pearls...she said they even go outside to find the water so you don't find dead mice all over your house...of course with the luck you've been having, you might :(
Love you!

Trinette McCrary said...

Yucky-ewwww! I hope the end is near. The poor teacher's nose-yikes!

Julz said...

So sorry you have to deal with this. But it sure does make an amusing story. Give us a call next time. Depending on the time, I have two teenage boys that can help you with the mice. They are usually home by 2:30 everyday. Plus they get a kick out of playing the hero.

Familia Morales said...

Ew, ew, ew! I hate mice! Is the gerbil okay?

The Seven Family said...

YUCK!! I too would find a reason to go to Wal-Mart!!