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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who is this person, and what have you done with Becky!

I am not that far along, but I can already tell that this pregnancy may just be a little "different." I am far enough along to start up the major symptoms phase.

With my past three pregnancies, the symptoms were pretty much the same. Lots of nausea, lots of vomiting(with my first), metal/dog poop saliva taste (by far the worst symptom), VERY tired, and on and on. With all three, it tapered off around week 12 or 13. I also had mild cravings with all three, however the cravings were out of control with the last pregnancy, seriously. If I knew how to make a link to an earlier post, I would post the link to my "crazy cravings" post I did about 6 months ago. So out of control.

This time around, I am having two symptoms I have never experienced, a lot earlier than I have experienced anything in the past, and nothing else so far. Kind of throws you off, ya know.

#1 CRAZY dreams. Holy Smokes. These began about a week before I found out I was pregnant and have slowly gotten worse. I probably have 10 vivid dreams every night, and they are so weird, yet way too normal. No wonder I wake up tired. The interesting part is that I can't tell the next day what was a dream and what wasn't. It has made for some humorous situations.
One night I had a dream that I let the dog out, so when I woke up, I didn't bother to let him out of the garage. Poor thing almost pooped all over the garage when I finally noticed around noon that it was a dream, and that I hadn't really let him out. oops
A few nights ago I had a dream about going to a baby shower that was the next day. I was so sure that it had already happened and I almost missed it. Yikes!
I also had a dream that I went grocery shopping. Guess who truly thought the fridge would be full when it was time for breakfast. I was actually shocked and kind of bummed that I still had to go to the store.
I am constantly thinking "was it a dream or did.......happen" or "was it a dream, or did I tell Ben....."
Dang, I hope I don't dream that I get dressed and end up totally in my skivies somewhere!

#2. Weepy.
Now this one is completely out of control. I have never in my life been one to cry much. It takes a lot to make me cry (swine flu, for one, was worthy of tears). And when I do cry, I hate to cry in public. On the rare occasions I need a good cry, it is almost always in the closet or the shower. Weird, I guess. I really don't cry much though, especially for being a girl. I just don't get that reaction to things.

If something is cute, happy, sad, weird, or basically anything that causes any sort of emotion, I get all sorts of choked up and teary eyed. I can't even begin to listen to Delilah, who I used to laugh my head off at. If my kids tell me they love me, I am done for. Checking my friends blogs always gets me going now. Especially all of the baby blogs. Friends having babies, friends with major baby complications, a family member who lost her baby a few weeks ago, and so forth. I always grab a Kleenex before I blog now. So pathetic.
I cried over Diego today when he rescued the baby Jaguar. I cried because a gift I found for someone was so cute. I cried because the laundry didn't get dry. I cried because Mary's outfit was so cute. I cried because I am so stinkin' lonely after TWO WEEKS of quarantine. I cried because my dad told me it snowed in Pocatello. I got all choked up thinking about a Christmas present I am making for someone. I almost fell apart when Ben was late from work. Church..well, lets not even go there.
I get all choked up just thinking about getting all choked up.

Maybe it is because my emotions about the pregnancy itself are a little more extreme than normal. I am extra excited, extra worried, extra grateful, extra aware of complications that could happen, extra happy for each day I have a living baby inside me, extra everything. But either way...

I am a blubbery, snot-dripping, puddle making mess, and it is SO AWKWARD!

Please tell me this won't last the whole time. PLEASE!

Usually, I have enough time after a pregnancy to go through the "forgetting." You know, forgetting how terrible morning (all-day) sickness really is, forgetting the labor process, forgetting those first few months of no sleep, and all that good stuff. Everyone must go through "the forgetting", why else would people have more than one kid.
But for me, I was just VERY sick with pregnancy symptoms less than four months ago. No "forgetting" phase for me. I remember full well how sick I was, and exactly what it was like. However, I have a different perspective this time. Nothing is taken for granted, no matter how terrible it is.
I really hope round two this year will be better though. Wish me luck!

p.s. I just got off the phone with Ben and I can't stop laughing. (not crying, hooray) The mouse saga continues. Stay tuned for tomorrows post "Invasion of the Squeekers Part 2. If you haven't read part 1, you may want to do so now.


Melanie said...

Funny about the dreams...I always have crazy dreams when I'm pregnant. This time was the worst, but they're not like yours. They're very bad dreams! Scary and of really bad things happening. But they didn't last throughout the pregnancy, so hopefully yours won't either. Now I just don't sleep long enough to dream!

J&E said...

I became way more emotional than I had ever been when I was pregnant, it wore off a little bit but I am still much quicker to get emotional than I ever was before. So I hope that gives you a little hope!
Love your way!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

CRAZY dreams!! I was very emotional during my pregnancies!! Hopefully the dreams won't last the whole 9 months! haha!! Thanks for the post, I just reading them!! Glad to hear things are good!! Can't wait to hear about the squeakers!! Love you guys!!

Colleen said...

I have extremely vivid pregnancy dreams too, and definitely more weepy, and I'm not a huge crier either, but when I'm pregnant I usually find myself crying and then laughing hysterically over the cheesy or lame thing I was crying about! The mice are grossing me out too! I don't know how you can stand it! I know there are "humane" traps out there, they are probably a bit more pricey though. I just saw a commercial for one actually, that is white and traps the mouse inside it. Good luck! I hope the squeaky little problem is taken care of soon!

Jessica Kay said...

I've been really weepy too, it's wierd. And I wasn't with my other's like the hormones get stronger and stronger with each one. I can't even make it through Taylor Swift's Love Story song without a few tears...I just don't get it!! I cried when Hallie got hurt last week and i cried when I dropped the iron and it just scared me to think it almost got my toes. Oh the joys of pregnancy!!

Julz said...

Sounds so fimilar. You should write down the dreams it could lead to interesting stories.

When it comes to crying I didn't do much of that till I had my fourth. It all started when I was watching The Flintstones. Fred gave Barney the money he needed to adopt bam bam and I lost it. Unfortunately that side effect hasn't gone away yet. Hope yours does. Then again it seems to entertain the rest of my family.