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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Invasion of the Squeekers Part 2

Let me just start out by saying that I had a VERY vivid dream last night. The gerbil cage was full of gerbils and mice. I couldn't figure out which was which...they had been breeding all night. I had to look at the ears for some reason to determine what was gerbil and what was mouse. Too weird! I woke up totally grossed out and had to look in the gerbil cage to make sure all was well.

So, after our fun episode with the first mouse trap, I ventured off to Walmart and found the solution.

Oh, I was so excited! It is guaranteed to kill. You don't have to see the mouse. It is guaranteed to kill the mouse instantly. Perfect!

It works as follows:
You put some peanut butter on the inside of the red "bait door" and you close the door.

You put the lever to "set."
You put the trap where you want it...the pantry in our case.
The mouse comes along and smells the peanut butter.
It crawls into the little hole and along a white teeter totter to get to the peanut butter.

When its weight gets to the other side of the teeter totter, it flips up, smashes the mouse upside down into some pieces of plastic jutting out one side of the trap.
The mouse stays in there, completely dead on the spot.
The lever turns to "mouse caught."

You then place the trap over the garbage, open the door, dump the mouse out, and start all over again.

Here is what really happens.
Put the peanut butter on the bait door, or in my case, you don't read the instructions and try to squeeze peanut butter through that little hole, making a huge mess.

Close the bait door, and then realize, "oh, that is why that is there. That would have been easier."

Set the lever to, well, "set." ha!

Place the trap in the pantry and give an evil laugh.

Go to bed.

The following takes place the next morning...

Ben goes downstairs and opens the pantry. He was given strict orders the night before to please take care of the mouse.

He checks the trap, the lever is on "mouse caught." Hooray!

He lifts up the trap. Yup, feels heavy, we must have a good one in there.

He pulls the garbage can over to him and holds the trap over the garbage.

He puts the lever down to release the dead mouse and dump it into the garbage.

The lever goes down, and out jumps the mouse...quick as a flash! It lands next to his feet and speeds away as fast as it possibly can.

Ben is scared spit-less and proceeds to snap his fingers as fast as he can. Don't know why this happens, but it was the reaction at the moment. He somehow held back a yell that would have woken everyone up in complete alarm. I for one, would have passed out, for sure.

He waits for his heart to start working again, and catches his breath.

Stupid trap.

Somehow the mouse was trapped upside-down all night long, being squished to death, and it survived.

I can see it now. All 27+ mice in the pantry yelling into the trap door.
"Hang on can do it...breath man, breathe. They can't get the better of us."
"Hey Eddie, did you reach the peanut butter? Hand some over will ya....oh, you're stuck huh, I'll come around the back and see if I can reach."
"Hey Bill..Eddie needs some milk. He says he thirsty. I think there is some powdered milk on the third shelf. I got some yesterday. Make sure and stay away from the yeast though, nasty stuff, had me bloated for a week."

"Hey Jean, I saw you talking with your gerbil friends a minute ago. Why don't you introduce me. The white one sure is a looker. Maybe I will bring her some cheese tomorrow night, ya know, reel her in slowly."

Eddie is probably king of the nest now. Telling his story over and over and over.
"And there I was, upside-down, trapped for hours, but they couldn't get me, I have guts of steel."

Hooray for Eddie.

I am pretty sure he won't be back for a while, but still. It is so disturbing.

Nice "guarantee" there people. Good thing the trap was $3.00.

We may just need to borrow one of these.


Deanna said...

Mwahhhh.hhhha.hhhha.haaaaaaaaa! Go get 'em, kitty!

Gina said...

Becky, that was so hilarious! My mom is here visiting and I read your blog entry and had to read it to her. We were both laughing so hard! Good luck with the mice hunt!

theRach said...

hahahahahahaha! ew.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Oh my heck! That is crazy!!

Rhien Family said...

I heard about these traps, and when I heard about your mouse problem, I looked up the name of the traps yesterday... so I could give you the heads up about these "great" traps.

It turns out that TONS of others find that this trap doesn't kill the mouse at all, just injures them or starves them trapped in there.... it's real sad. The sad thing is that they're meant to be disposable, so you just throw the trapped mouse away without having to see it... but it's still alive!


So I didn't tell you about the traps because they're sort of crazy and fairly inhumane.

So today when I saw your new post, I already knew what to expect... sorry I didn't warn you earlier :(

Colleen said...

Those were the traps I saw on TV!! I guess not the best idea afterall. Eddie is definitely getting his props today, I am sure. Hilarious! I think the cat might be the best idea of all.

shaina said...

Looks like you are doomed to have some mice/gerbil grandbabies. Hope Eddie has the decency to ask for little white's hand in marriage before he jumps her cage. Good luck with that.

Darci and Ryan said...

Oh my word! Now I know why you were laughing when you got off the phone. Good luck! A cat would be sounding good to me right about now!

Julz said...

OMGOsh you are so funny! Sounds like your ready to write a new children's book the adventures of Eddie

Familia Morales said...

Funny! I'd go for the cat.

kendra said...
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kendra said...


Time to call an exterminator - gotta be cheaper than buying new flour (and sugar, and yeast, and powdered milk) every time you need some.

Good luck...

J&E said...

You said it would be hilarious and you didn't disappoint. I love the mouse banter. haha.