My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Three Gerbils and a Bike?

When we were in Idaho for the reunion, Tyler and Jessica introduced us to the wonderful world of gerbils. They thought they had two girls, but one of them ended up having babies..twice! So, unless you know something we don't, they really had a boy and a girl...and lots and lots of babies.

Obviously, they have a ton of gerbils and were more than willing to let us bring three of them home. Mary and Sam love them, and I think they are pretty cute myself. They are clean, they don't bite, they don't smell, they are easy to take care of, and they can entertain themselves by running in a little wheel for long amounts of time....perfect!

The only trick was getting them through the 10-12 hour drive home. They did well in the car, but there was a point in the trip where one gerbil got out and ran across the dvd player the kids were watching. It was pretty funny. I am sure it was quite comical watching us catch the thing too.

We are pretty sure all three gerbils are girls. Cross your fingers! I would tell you their names, but they seem to change every day. One day they were Diamond, Loveheart and Holly. Now they are Bingo, Fingo and Mango. Who knows what they will be tomorrow. We are keeping them in Mr. Toad's (may he rest in peace) big tank. IT is just the right size. They have provided a lot of entertainment for us here in our home already, and we really like them! Thanks Tyler and Jessica. We owe you one.

They are so cute!

We also got another fun toy this month. Actually, I did. Go me.
I got a bike! I am so proud of it, and I love it! I named it "pink lightening" in honor of my beloved childhood bike. It sits in the garage right next to Ben's new bike. They have become good friends. They even got to be next to eachother on the bike rack for the drive to Idaho. I think Ben's bike has a crush on mine. It must be the bell. It is so cute.

I have only ridden it once (in Idaho) and it killed my buns! I think I was bruised for a week. I sure don't remember that hurting so much as a kid. Good ol' banana seats, little did we know how great they really were.

So, we will add some padding, and I will be good to go. I love riding my bike! I even have a helmet that I finally learned how to put on the right way. (that is a story for another day, once Ben can tell it without busting a gut)

We just need to add a little seat for Sam, get rid of Mary's training wheels, and my dream of fun family bike rides will come true. aaahhhh.

Three gerbils and a bike...wonder what next month will bring?

Yeah, I know. Who takes a picture in their garage. I was going to get on the bike, put my helmet on, ring my bell, and get a really fun picture. Due to being in a rush and no energy, the garage was as far as we got. Oh well, at least the dog didn't get out, the kids stayed in the house, and the picture was taken in record time. Just ignore the ghetto, disgusting mattress in the background. Does anyone want it? We will pay you to get rid of it for us.

One more pict. of the gerbils, just for kicks.


Nancy said...

Cute bike!! We recently went on a bike ride and my buns were so sore for days!!! I completely understand!

Trinette McCrary said...

I'm totally jealous of your bike. Me want one!!!

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