My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Camping We Will Go!

We decided to brave the dark clouds looming over the mountains, and go camping this weekend. I am so glad we did! The weather was perfect. Not too hot, and almost a little chilly. We didn't even get poured on. My fears were in vain. We went with Mike, Mel and Tyler, and we went to our favorite spot. I am wondering if we should start calling it the Maynard/Fortin summer home. ;)
We had a great and relaxing time. We love hanging around the fire and talking with our wonderful friends. We always come away from being with them feeling better than when we got there. They are such great people. The kids play so hard and get filthy. They love it and always get sad when it is time to pack up and head home.
We all came home happy and rejuvenated. Of course, we are already planning our next trip. Camping can get very addicting!

The kids playing in the camper. This is their own little magical world. They love it in there!

Behold...the incredible mushroom.

Good friends!

Another bear hunt. A.K.A. A fun nature walk.

Check out the HUGE lump on Sam's forehead. The picture doesn't really show how big the thing is. He was bitten by something. Hopefully it wasn't something too poisonous. The lump seems to get bigger every day.

After our camping trip, we rushed home and Ben bathed the kids while I took off for a good, hard work-out at the gym. (I work out on my "non-mono" days, as I call them. They are basically the days mono isn't killing me and I have somewhat of normal energy, I use them to the fullest.) I rushed home, we unpacked, cleaned the car and headed off to see Katie again. We had a yummy dinner with her family and her in-laws.
We had such a great time! Mary played the Wii for her first time and rocked the house at bowling. Ben, Landon, Katie and I got our groove on with the Dancing With The Stars Game. We ended up staying until 10:30pm. It was so refreshing and fun to spend some good quality time with Katie and her family again. I miss her already. The next time I see her, we will be shopping it up on Black Friday. Yahoo!

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Black Friday! Can I get a WHOO WHOO?!