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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

S&S Reunion 2009

Sunday-Friday was the S&S Reunion. The reunion with my parents, my siblings, the in-laws and the grandkids. It was a little part of heaven. It was so great. There is just a special feeling in the air when we are all together again. With missions and living far away, it has been a while since we have all been together. Jessica, Ben and Juliet fit in the family perfectly, and it feels like they have just been there all along. We had an awesome week and we played hard!
We did so many things. I have a ton of pictures, but I still don't have pictures for a lot of events. We had waterfights, bonfires, girls time, boys time, we went boating, we had a temple trip, we ate amazing food, we had a wonderful talk from my dad where he tenderly and emotionaly gave us the most precious gift he could..his testimony and his father's council to us, we played games, the guys went shooting, there was a paintball tournament, we watched family videos and best of all, we just enjoyed being together.
I miss everyone so much it hurts and I am already counting down the days until next year's reunion.

Warning: there are TONS of pictures on this post. Grab some food and a comfortable chair. This may take a while.

Tyler, Ryan, Devin and Tyler(the boyfriend) making water guns in prep. for several water fights that occured that week.

Ryan (my older brother) and his wife Juliet.

My three crazy brothers. I sure love these guys.

My precious baby boy.

Mary and Lilly.

Sam and Ezra.

The kids LOVED Tyler and Jessica's many gerbils.

Although Devin is still fresh off the mission and still bitter about having to take off the tag, he was so much fun to be around. We had a really good talk that made me realize how much I really did miss him. Too bad our talk ended at 2:00am.

Mary and Wyatt, the neighbor boy. They became great friends.

Mary and Lilly. Juliet and I kept dressing our kids in similar clothes without meaning to. Great minds think alike I guess.

Sam and Ezra. Getting pictures of these two was like trying to tame wild monkeys. We did our best.

Mary thought Devin was so cool! He provided some great entertainment for the kids, which meant time to rest for me. Thanks Dev.

There has never been a time in the history of the Belnap family where there is not fire involved. This week was no exception. Tyler and Jessica even made us some awesome Navajo Tacos over the fire. Tyler learned how to do that on the reservation during his mission in Arizona. It was an awesome dinner. I think I ate three of them!

The men went out to dinner and ate to their heart's content.

Tyler's Birthday was Aug. 4th and we planned a big paintball game for that afternoon. My parents have a big pasture in the backyard, and my brothers, through the years, have turned it into the coolest paintball field known to mankind. There are underground tunnels, buildings, trenches, and at one point they made a small village out of crates, complete with a garden and a cemetary. It is awesome and they played hard!

Tyler got this paintball gun for his Birthday. I have never seen anyone so excited. He could not stop laughing and grinning. I was sure he was going to sleep with it that night.

Poppyseed cake and ammunition..who could ask for more on your Birthday.

The rockin' awesome pool in the backyard. Everyone had a fun time with this.

Uncle Ryan A.K.A. the bucking bronco.

Girl Time! We went to Buddies and ate so much garlic I can still taste it. We then went to the fabric store for the next two hours. We got some adorable fabric for our new purses. We all came home grinning and full of new craft ideas.

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Jared and Heidi Colson said...

that looks like so much fun! our family did a very similar reunion i believe that same weekend! and looking at buddys makes me hungry!!!!