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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, May 23, 2016

lukie turns 4!

Our little Lukie turned 4 yesterday.  We decided that since his cousins were here on Saturday, that we would have his party, and celebrate his Birthday on that day instead.  Luke didn't seem to mind.

He has been asking when his Birthday is for almost a month now, so when I told him the night before that the next morning would be his Birthday, he almost didn't believe me!  The poor kid has waited for an eternity in kid time.

He woke up to balloons and streamers, and knew it was the real deal!  He was very, very excited.  We let him open presents throughout the day, to try to spread it out, and he went nuts over each one.  He is VERY in police stuff right now, and he got a full police outfit, complete with a hat.  He was beyond happy.  He hasn't taken it off since, aside from church, and even then, we almost had to call in a hostage negotiator to help us convince him to take the thing off!

Luke played hard all morning, up until his party.  He invited 4 friends from the neighborhood.

I am not sure what on earth happened, but the second his friends walked in, Luke transformed into a complete monster.  He started screaming, freaking out, yelling at people, and throwing fits.  It is not like Luke at all, and it was terrible.

We tried to play a few get the dog food (whoppers candy) from one dish to the other..

and "I have a little doggy and he won't bite you,"
Luke calmed down a little for the games, but both games ended in disaster with Luke freaking out.
It was pretty weird.
I think he had already just had so much chaos the past few days, and it was finally catching up to him.

We gave the kids their cupcakes
Beckham, Evelyn, Luke Phillips, Eli, Luke and Boston (not in picture)
and their paw patrol masks
and we were about to attempt another game, but Luke grabbed a blanket and a pillow, laid down in the middle of everyone, turned on Paw Patrol, and demanded that everyone "be quiet and stop talking."

Luke fell asleep within 5 minutes.

His friends just hung out, played with Luke's new toys, and ate cupcakes, until the party was over.

Geesh!  This is a party for the books!

Once Luke woke up, and everyone was gone, he was much happier, and he got to open the much anticipated police helicopter!

He played police the rest of the day.
Eli, Luke Phillips, and Lukie

On Sunday, his actual Birthday, we did his Birthday cake, and sang to him.  We also went around the family and told Luke what we love about him.

Paw Patrol Cake and Police officer Luke
 Luke is ALL boy. He has loads of energy, and loves to dress up as a police officer, ninja, cowboy, construction worker, and fireman, and play all day.  He is a happy kid, and is hilarious.  He asks loads of questions every day, and is very curious.  He has the cutest little blue eyes, adorable smattering of freckles across his nose, white blonde hair, and the tiniest little body.  He is fun-loving, happy, cute and brings so much life to our home.

We love Luke so much! 

Happy 4th Birthday Lukie!

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