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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, May 23, 2016

cousin time

Devin's kids, Eli and Lacey, came up for a visit this weekend.  Devin had a lot going on with his Dental School, and Nichole had a family trip, so they asked me to watch their kiddos for a few days.

Last minute, Grandma Sylvia decided to come up and help.  She is a good, good woman.

Eli and Luke played, and played and played.  They were cowboys, good guys, bad guys, police, cats, ninja's, and everything else.  They were loud, they were crazy, they were destructive, and they were boys.  They had a blast!

Molly enjoyed treating Lacey like a real baby doll.  It was pretty cute watching her follow her around and give her her blanket and binky over and over again.

Lacey cried the entire first night, and Eli threw up the entire second night, so I am VERY grateful my mom was here.

It was absolutely crazy and chaotic, but I am so glad the cousins were able to play together.  Some of my absolute best memories of growing up are with cousins.  Looking back, I am sure we drove our mom's/aunts/grandparents crazy, but they continued to get us together, because it was worth it.  I am beginning to understand that now.

Cousins rock.

Eli MUST be touching Luke at all times.

Molly and Lacey

best buddies

Blasting off in the rocket ship.  hahaha!

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