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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, May 7, 2016

for real!

The other day, I was cooking something on the stove, and something started smelling like burnt metal.  Nothing was smoking, and I looked all over the kitchen.  Everything seemed fine.

Then, the stove just shut off.  And that was that.  The stove was dead.

The next couple days I quickly realized how much I actually use the stove, and it became pretty frustrating.  Ben decided to call someone to come look at it, but we decided to move it away from the wall, and just see if we could see anything behind it in the wiring.

Ben started scooting the stove away from the wall, and all the sudden there was a big "POP" and sparks and embers were flying everywhere.  It was like someone lit a firework behind the stove! 

It was nuts!!!  What the?!?!?
We grabbed towels and started beating out the sparks on the wood floor and the whole kitchen was enveloped in a horrible burnt metal smell. 

Luckily we got it under control, and began getting the stink out of the house.

I figured the stove was done for.  Bye bye stove.

A dude came over last night to look at the stove, and he literally laughed when we saw what had happened.  It was that bad. The wiring had burnt so badly that the metal parts had completely welded to the back of the oven, and the main wire that plugs into the house was completely fried.  There was some serious fire and heat back there.

The creepy part of the whole was all due to loose faulty wiring.  Stuff like that burns houses down!  Geeze!  Our oven is only a couple year old people!

 I didn't know whether to be furious or to be relieved that nothing worse happened.  I choose the latter and gave up my hope of a new double oven for mothers day tomorrow (hahaha).

I am happy to now have my oven back, and even more happy that our house isn't burn to the ground because a bolt wasn't screwed in tight enough. 

And life moves on.....

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Lisa said...

Scary! Almost makes you want to check the other plugs! I'm so glad all turned out well!