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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, May 11, 2015

bumps and bruises

The past two months, we have had a few "bumps and bruises" here and there.  Thankfully, nothing major, but pretty painful for those of us who were the victims.

First up, yours truly.  My body is having a hard time remembering that I can run, and that my muscles and bones are supposed to cooperate.  Of course, it has NOTHING to do with age, or having 5 babies....right?

Anyway, my IT band decided to start detaching from the place it hooks into my hip.  In turn, the bursa sac that it glides over became crazy inflamed and irritated and amazingly swollen.  That, in turn, started to rub the bone wrong, which got upset and decided to act up as well.

Basically, my right hip area was all sorts of messed up.  After 8 weeks of physical therapy, and TERRIBLE "messages" in that area.  I am back up to 6 mile runs about 3 times a week.  The other days, I have to cross train on the elliptical or do a spinning class.

The "massaging" of physical therapy left my leg looking like this most days.

Next up, Mary.
Mary was doing a twist on the trampoline during her tumbling practice, and somehow managed to lose control, slide under the mat that covers the springs, and land with both legs in the springs.  She had so much momentum, that she then bounced right back out.

She tore her legs up going in to the springs, and then tore them up more, bouncing back out.  Her coaches had never, ever, seen that type of thing happen, and they all literally just froze in place.  Somehow, Mary did not cry, but her legs looked awful!!!  The pictures don't even come close to doing it justice.  They were scratched from her hip to her ankle in four different places, on each leg.  All of the scratches bruised as well. 

Her legs looked amazing!

She is healing up pretty nicely, but we are worried about scarring.  Her friends at school thought she got in a fight with our cat!  ha!

Our next contestant....William.
He decided to try to open a popsicle wrapper with one side of our scissors.  Instead of cutting the wrapper, he slipped, and the scissors went right into his finger.  The cut was so deep, we could see right into his muscle, tissue, and finger chub. 

Luckily, the cut was not long, just very, very deep.

Our kind neighbor, who is also an ER and life flight nurse, came over with her "Maynard kit" of hospital super glue stuff, gauze, numbing medicine, and tape.

Williams finger was all taped and glued together in no time.

And last, but not least....Sammy Boy.

We got a call from the school last week, that Sam had a really bad cut lip.
Um..... "really bad" was putting it lightly.

In PE, Sam's face collided with the side of a kid's head.  Sam's front tooth went right into his top lip, and did some serious damage.  His lip looked like hamburger, and I literally gagged when I saw it.

His cut was also extremely deep, but because of the location, stitches were optional.  If he had been cut like that anywhere else stitches would have been an absolute must.  This time around though, it was the sit and wait game.  The swelling was a sight to behold!

We ended up in the doctor's office a few days later, because Sam was still in a lot of pain, and it was looking infected.
Turns out, he was ok, just dealing with a terrible cut and lots of bruising and swelling.  His lip is still swollen a week later, and he still can't touch that part of his face, but he is healing up.

So there you have it. 

Always an adventure in our neck of the woods. 

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