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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the cool mom...again

So, remember my recent post about going on Mary's field trip.

Well....Sam kind of noticed, and wanted a special day with me as well.  I didn't blame him, and forced a very enthusiastic "yes!" when he asked me if I could join him on his class field trip to the planetarium in Salt Lake.

I genuinely wanted to join him, and I really was happy to go, it is just so hard with the younger 3, to go on trips like this.

Luckily, my kind neighbor offered to take Luke for the day.  Her son, Boston, is Luke's age, and they have a blast together.  I knew Luke would be much happier there, than with me dragging him all over a museum.

I got Molly, William, and I all packed up and ready to go. 

And then I realized that I had forgotten Sam's lunch, and ours.

I am pretty sure I set a new PR for myself with power shopping that morning.  Poor William and Molly were gripping the cart for dear life and I flew down the isles grabbing lunch items as we went.

Somehow, we made it, although very frazzled and out of breath, to Sam's classroom, just as they were announcing which group "Sam's mom" would be in charge of, and heading out to the busses.

Sam's adorable grin and giggle, when they announced this, made my whole morning, and I knew this was totally worth it. Man, I sure love that boy.

We followed the busses into Salt Lake and I was so proud of myself for navigation those crazy city streets and underground parking, all by myself!  Go me.

The planetarium was amazing!!!  I absolutely love learning about space, and everything it, so I was completely into it all.  William may have actually enjoyed it more than Sam.  He was all grins, and totally into everything as well.  Sam was completely enthralled, and loving it.  He also kept looking at me and grinning.  Talk about heart melter.  I was so happy to be there with him.

William on Mars.  Sam was over on the moon, and didn't want a picture.

William is in the red shirt, next to Sam in the bright yellow shirt.

We went in to a really neat dome theater, for an hour long movie/presentation.  Molly got really squirmy and fussy at this point, and I started sweating bullets.  Not good.

The lights went out soon after though, and she zonked.  I was beyond grateful.  The show was so cool, and they ended it with a visual rollercoaster, that felt extremely real.  Sam and William had their hands up and were hollering and grinning.  It was so cute! Sam had been looking forward to this part for a week.  It did not disappoint.

After touring all 3 levels of the place, we walked a couple blocks to a park for lunch.  By this point, we were all getting pretty tired. 

Molly was getting squirmy and William was very tired, so I checked Sam out, and we decided to head home.

And that is when I realized that my phone was gone.

Oh, and Molly had pooped up her back, and into her hair.

Um yeah, and she didn't have a change of clothes.

This was nice.

I spent the next hour walking back to the museum with a screaming Molly, tired William, and nervous Sam, looking all over for my phone, sponge bathing Molly in a sink at the planetarium, and scouring the place for my phone.
Molly going "commando" through the planetarium as I look for my phone.
It was absolute chaos, in it's truest form.

As we were looking, I had a naked Molly (aside from her diaper) wrapped up in her blanket, in my arms.  She squirmed out of her blanket at one point, and I discovered that her blanket was COVERED in poop, so was Molly again, and so was I.


Back to the bathroom we went, for another sponge bath, for both of us.  I am pretty sure Molly's screaming, and the scene we created could have been it's own display in the museum.

Thankfully, Luke was having the time of his life back home, going on walks to the park, and watching Mickey Mouse while eating popsicles with Boston.

I prayed and prayed, and the Lord heard.

With the help of 6 employees, flashlights, and someone calling my phone over and over again, we found it smashed between the seats in the theater room.

I was so relieved!  We all were.  I said a prayer of thanks, and then loaded the troops up to head home.

It was so nice to get back into our car, have my phone, and to be on our way home.

That is, until we realized 15 minutes later that Molly's bottle was gone.  And so ensued our 45 minute drive back home.

Rock on.


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