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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, April 12, 2015

miss molly grace...7 months

Molly is 7 months old. 

Of course, I am in complete shock and a lot of denial.

She is quickly becoming a big bundle of chub, and we kiss, pinch, poke, squish, and squeeze her all day.  None of us can get enough of our adorable brown butter ball.

Fun facts:

Her favorite toy is paper.  She loves to crinkle it and suck on it.

Molly can get up all fours and actually took her first "crawl" step today.

She is EXTREMELY grabby!  She will grab anything she can possibly get her chubby fingers on. 
She is quick too, and frequently we will get our food swiped right out of our hands.

Molly loves to laugh, and laughs very easily.  William and Luke can get her laughing the most, and it is so precious.

She had her first ear infection this past month, and she was a trooper, but it was sad.

She really likes music, and dances when she hears it.

She has her two bottom teeth, and is cutting her two top teeth.

She hates her car seat.  This is new to us, and it is crazy hard.  ugh

She gives the sweetest hugs.  She will wrap both arms around us, and then lay her head on our chests.  This absolutely melts me, every time.

Her hair is still brown, and her skin has a darker tone.  Her deep blue eyes make her little features very striking.  We call her our little brown baby.

Molly can worm her way around a room now.  She isn't crawling quite yet, but she can slug around pretty well.

She is a sweet and happy baby.  She has a very calming and happy vibe around her, and it radiates to anyone she comes in contact with.  She definitely has a gift for making people feel good and happy.

Molly is addicting, and she has her sweet little being wrapped around all of our hearts.

I am so glad she is here with us.  Sometimes when I look at her, and realize that she is finally here, my heart feels like it could just burst.

Love you Molly Grace!

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Lisa said...

What a sweetie!