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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, May 23, 2015

lukie turns 3!

Luke turned 3 yesterday!  He is such a little fireball of energy and fun. 

He woke up to balloons, pancakes and all of us telling him Happy Birthday.  He is NOT a morning person, but he actually smiled and was nice to everyone.

The one thing he really wanted to do for his Birthday was to go to the store and pick out a tractor.

So, after the gym, we headed to Kings.  His reaction was priceless.

He was soooo excited to pick out whatever he wanted.  It was adorable, and a lot of fun to see his little mind working as he looked at every. single. tractor.

He came away with these.

We also got him a digging toy for the sandbox to open on his Birthday, but William could not stand the anticipation of having a big mystery box sitting in our house, so Luke opened it last week.  It has been a huge hit!

He played with these most of the afternoon, while I made his cake and the other kids were at school.

Every time someone would wish him a Happy Birthday, he would loudly and excitedly tell them "Happy Birthday" back.  It was great.

We went to his favorite restaurant, Dairy Keen, for dinner.  He loves it because there are trains everywhere, and there is a toy train track and lego table for the kids to play on.  It is a great place for kids.  Not to mention, I have yet to have any ice cream that can beat theirs.

We came home, and Luke blew out his candles.  Mary helped me with the tractor cupcake cake, and it turned out pretty well!  Luke liked it, so we were happy.

he was so happy and excited about everything!  It made the day so much fun.

he helped himself to his cake, right after he blew out the candles.  ha!
He then opened his gift from us.  He spent the whole day pounding his present with a screw driver, thinking he was fixing it with his tools.

By the time he opened it, it had holes all over it!  It was hilarious.

obviously, he was thrilled with is scooter
Luke had a great day, and I hope more than anything that he felt how special and loved he is.

He has given us quite the run with his 2 year old status, but he is so stinkin' cute with his little round blue eyes, bright white hair, and adorable voice.

He has loads of energy, and he loves to "fix" everything and anything with tools.  He still likes vacuums, but seems to be leaning more towards tractors now.  He also loves to play with little cars and trucks all around the house, for long periods of time.

He likes to play outside in the sandbox, or with trucks and tractors.

He LOVES for me to sing to him at nap time or bed time.  We have our list of songs:  itsy bitsy spider (3 verses), You are my sunshine, Mr. Moon, Horsey horsey, I love daddy, mommy, etc., over the river and through the woods, grandma's feather bed, and I also make up stories about him being called out to fix stuff.  He loves that too. 

He is a very picky eater, but his favorites are yogurt, popsicles, watermelon, ableskievers, and barbeque chicken.

His best buddies are Boston and Evelyn. 

We love Luke so much.  He makes us laugh and smile every day, and he melts our hearts with his sweet little puppy dog face. 

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Lisa said...

I love his smile! Also what a fun age to be the birthday boy!