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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, May 23, 2015

utah assembly

Fourth grade is the highest grade that Heber Valley Elementary goes to.  After that, the kids go to an intermediate school for grades 5 and 6.

Because of this, the fourth grade is treated kind of like 6th grade was for me.  They do the big end of the year stuff, and they feel like they are completing a big chunk of the elementary education. 

Mary has had a wonderful 4th grade year.  Her teacher, Mrs. Foy, has been phenomenal!

She treated the kids as young adults, and taught them responsibility, while also helping to kids to love learning and foster their creativity.  She was wonderful to work with, and was very reasonable when things popped up.  Mary will miss her for sure!  She was so luck to have Mrs. Foy.

For the end of the year program, the 4th grade did a big assembly on Utah.  They have focused on Utah history the whole year, and the assembly was kind of a show case.

They sang songs about all of the Utah counties, the founders of Utah, the different Indian tribes, the Mormon settlers, and so on.

They also had speaking parts.  Mary did great on hers!

They also did a square dance for us, and a line dance.

They let all of the families learn the line dance too, and we were all able to get out there and shake a leg.  It was fun!

We had treats at the end, and Mary was able to get pictures with some of her friends, as well as her awesome principle, Mrs. Burnham, who is leaving this year,  I think the entire school has shed some tears over this one.
Jett Cherry

Mary and Lydia Muhelstein.  They were joined at the hip this year.  Cute girls!

It was a great assembly, and a great way to wrap up Mary's 4th grade year, as well as her time at Heber Valley Elementary. 

Go Heber Valley Eagles!  What an amazing school.

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