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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whose Timing?

A few days ago, I went in for my routine weekly OB appointment.
I had been having really bad headaches for a few days, and I had also noticed that my
extreme sensitivity to sugar that I had at the beginning of the pregnancy had made a quick return.

At my appointment, they found that my blood sugar levels were 3 times over the normal limit, and that my blood pressure, which is always really good, was pretty high as well.  That explained my symptoms.

The baby seemed fine, but my OB is concerned that I have had gestational diabetes (that came on after I tested  negative for it at 28 weeks).  That, in turn, made him a little concerned for the baby.  Among some other concerns, sugar in the baby's blood at birth, is not a good thing.

So, my OB said that I could either be induced that very night, or I could go to 39 weeks (one week later) and then be induced. He said that the baby would be fine either way, but that he wouldn't feel comfortable letting me go past that.
I have really wanted to just go into labor on my own, so I was pretty bummed, but then the doctor decided to see if I had "progressed" at all.

To all of our amazement, I am already at a 4!  Everything else is all ready to go too.  My OB said that he couldn't believe I wasn't in labor at that moment.  He decided to let me get to 39 weeks, and give things a chance to come on their own, because my body is so ready anyway.

We scheduled the induction for Tuesday morning, May 22nd (when I will be 39 weeks), but the doctor said he doubts I will make it to then.

If I could pick my timing of when the baby would come...he would come on his own this weekend. After Mary's state gymnastics meet on Friday and after the busy week we are having. That would be awesome.

If  it were the kids timing, he would come tonight, so they could play at the neighbors all day tomorrow.

If it were the doctor's timing, it would be on Tuesday, when the induction is scheduled.

After 24 hours of contractions and cramping yesterday,  among some other "labor signs" I got my hopes up, but I also got worried about finishing out this busy week and the timing of everything.  I began to panic a little.

Ben gave me a wonderful blessing, and it reminded me that the Lord is very aware of my timing, the timing of my family, and the best timing for our baby, and He will work it all out.  Ben also said some neat things about our baby. It was a very special blessing, and I felt so much peace and assurance.

The contractions are still coming today, and I am getting more and more sore, but they are still all over the place, so I think I still have some time. 

So, as is always the case, and I will completely accept it, the timing will be the Lords. I just need to have faith.


Familia Morales said...

How exciting, he'll be in your arms so soon!

Becca said...

A 4?! Wow. It's amazing that you're not in full blown labor. Amazing how all our bodies are so different. So excited for you guys! Wishing you a quick and normal delivery!

Colleen said...

So excited for you guys!!!!

erin d. said...

We look forward to having another Maynard to love!

Jenny Axford Cook said...

So happy for you guys! Love you!!!