My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Out With The Old....

And in with the new.

Our good ol' Subaru Legacy finally decided it had almost enough.  We decided to sell it before it really bit the dust.  We had lots of good times in it. And Ben became a pro at squishing every possible thing in it in order for us to be able to take it on trips.  My fondest memory is when we went camping this summer. The kids had camping gear under their feet, in their laps and behind them. The trunk was more than full. And I had gear around my feet and the camping stove on my lap.  But hey....Ben's company paid for the we made it work.

We also crammed everything in it for a week long trip to McCall. That was amazing. I wasn't too thrilled that time, because the 9 hour trip, smashed in the car, was complete with me having a fever and chills because of strep throat. Being squished didn't help.

We have had many a trip with snow skis crammed along the sides of the doors, or a dog pooping in the back seat. We have had a flat tire, run out of gas, had a hit and run that smashed the front door in, fun family trips, and many miles of memories made with this car.

Needless to say, it was time to say goodbye. Ben put plenty of miles on it for work, and for snow skiing, and it served us well.

The picture above obviously isn't the actual car we had, but it looked exactly like that. We were very blessed and sold it quickly, before I could get a picture. In fact, Ben just called me one day from work and said, "hey, can you come get me, I sold the car to this guy, and I need a ride home."  Imagine my shock!

Luckily, we sold it on a Friday, so we had the weekend to find a new car, before I had to somehow get the kids to and from everywhere they need to be without a car.  We were blessed again, and found what we were looking for that weekend.

Another Subaru Legacy (can you tell what kind of car we like), but the newer model. It looks exactly like the picture above...and it is awesome!  It is bigger, quieter, way more comfortable, and has some cool perks to it. It is Ben's work car, but I still get to drive it a lot here and there.  Of course, it won't fit all of us, once the baby is here, but that is what the pathfinder is for.

We are grateful that we  have vehicles, and that we were able to replace the old Subaru when we needed to. Here's to more memories in the new car!

p.s.  You have probably noticed that the blog has been made public. I am making a blog book right now, and it has to be public for me to make it. Once the book is done, I will go private again.  If you didn't get an invite, let me know. I still have some spots available.  

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Fortin Family said...

Well we are still keeping the original Subaru Legacy "Red Rocket" on life support but I'm not sure it will make it past this year.