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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daddy's Boy

William is a very loving boy. He loves Mary. He loves Sam. He loves his mommy. And he really, really, really, really loves his daddy.

Mary and Sam never really had a parent that they wanted to be with more than the other.

William is a different story. Of course, he loves his mommy. He is happy at home with me, and we have lots of fun together. But there is just something about Ben that he absolutely adores.  I personally don't mind the attatchment, but it can make for some very sad mornings.

William is getting much better, but just a month or so ago, when Ben would leave for work, William would run to the door and bang on it, yelling for his daddy. Then he would cry and cry, and he would not let me help him. It was incredibly sad. On the mornings when Ben is gone before William can see him, William is very grumpy for a few hours. He needs his dose of daddy hugs to start the day right I guess.
We have now taught him to say goodby, give daddy a hug and then say "love you."  I also let him watch Ben out the window and they wave to eachother. This seems to give William the "closure" he needs to let Ben go to work each day.

For nap time, William loves to be sung to. Guess what song he ALWAYS asks for.  Yup, "I love daddy." And I have to sing it over and over and over and over again.

Throughout the day William will ask where Ben is. I will tell him that he is at work and will be home soon. William always gets a little sad face and says, "ok." It is really sad.
William also has a 6th sense of when Ben will be arriving home from work. It is crazy!  Ben doesn't get home at exactly the same time every day, so I don't know how William knows, but he does.  William will go running to the front room, climb up on the piano, look out the window and start yelling, "Daddy!"
He gets all excited and starts laughing.  Without fail, Ben will pull up a few minutes later.  Then William will start cheering, climb off the piano and blast out the door. He runs to the car and bangs on the door until Ben opens it and gives William a hug.  William just grins and grins. It is adorable.

On nights when William isn't wanting to go to bed, I will try everything. Singing, rubbing his legs, talking to him, ect.  Nothing works. Then Ben will come in, lay William down on his chest, and William will snuggle in and go right to sleep.  Amazing.
William laughs and has fun with me. But when he is wrestling with Ben, or playing with him, or sitting on his lap, he has a special little gleam in his eye. Daddy is his hero.

Of course, Ben loves each of our children the same, and adores and spends time with each one. I am sure that Williams extra attatchment to him pulls on the heart strings a little more, and they have a very sweet relationship, but Ben is a great daddy to each of our children.

William just loves his daddy, and it is pretty darn adorable.

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erin d. said...

I remember Mary's attachment to you when she was small while we were at BYU-I. She seems to have grown out of that though.

This is such a sweet story. And can you blame him for loving on his daddy so much? You're kids are very blessed to have you both.