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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Deja Vous

This past weekend was almost the exact duplicate of the same weekend a year ago.
You know, the crazy weekend where we crammed as much in as possible...the following link will take you there.

Unfortunately, this time, I didn't get any pictures.  We have on camera, but about 5 places it needed to be. I chose to video Mary's meet this time instead of taking still shots, and Ben couldn't get pictures of Sam's game and watch William at the same time. Maybe next time.

The weekend was very fun and packed full.

Friday night, my mom, sister, brother, sister-in law, and nephew arrived.
Saturday morning, they got up early to run the Thanksgiving Point 1/2 marathon.
It was a first for my sister and sister-in-law, and a second time for my mom.
They left the house around 5:30am.

Mary and I left the house at 6:30 for her gymnastics meet.  Pretty early for Mary.

Around 10:30am, Ben, Sam and William  headed out to Sam's soccer game.

After the game, Ben took the boys to get some car stuff figured out.

Busy morning!

We all met up around 1:00 and headed to Olive Garden to celebrate everyone's accomplishments, and to celebrate my mom's Birthday. (same place as last year)

Mary was not there, because she was at a Birthday party. (same as last year)

After the yummy food, my mom and siblings headed to Ikea, and my family and I crashed at home. I also made my mom the BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER! I got the recipe from a friend here, and it was truly amazing!

We all congregated once more for cake and presents for my mom.  

After that it was some help from my mom with yard work and advice, and then movies and bedtime.

We had a great and very full weekend. And some of it will be repeated again in a few days.  My family is coming back up again to see Mary's gymnastics meet, and to get some more stuff at Ikea.   Good times!

Since I didn't get any pictures, I will just give you a quick rundown on how the kiddos did this past weekend.

Sam scored his first goal at his soccer game! He got the ball away from the huge pack of children that normally follow the ball around, and then kicked it into the goal. Ben said that Sam was so excited and that he grinned and laughed and ran to Ben for a hug and a high five.  I would have loved to see his little face light up.  I am so happy for him. We all are. Way to go Sam!

Mary did well at her meet. We got lost on the way there, and she was tired, so she was a bit flustered, but she still did great and earned a spot in the all-around again. Her high score was on bars this time. The competition was very tough, and so were the judges, so we were proud of her for holding her own and earning a spot on the podium. Her team took 2nd and were thrilled!

It was a very fun and full weekend. Just the way we like it.

So there you have it.  I won't be surprised  if this agenda repeats itself again next year.  I hope it does.

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