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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just The Beginning

Side Note: In case you didn't see it in my past post, the blog has to be public while I am making a blog book. Once the book is done, it will be private again. If you don't have an invite, but want one, please email me or comment and send me your email.  Thanks!

I have a deep love of sports and of being active.  There isn't much I love more than to see my kids running around and playing outside, riding bikes, exploring nature, learning new things, and getting fresh air.

I love the smell of "outside" on my kids, and the black ring around the bathtub that follows a day of playing in the dirt.  From the beginning, I knew that if we could, we would have our kids in sports. We have decided to let them try a bunch of different things, and see if they really take to anything.

We are in the "trying lots of sports" phase, and even though the schedule can get a little doubled up sometimes, or a little hectic, I wouldn't trade it.

This week was full of sport practices, games and meets. It was so much fun! My mom came up again this weekend to support Mary at her gymnastics meet.  It was so nice of her, and reminded us again how blessed we are to finally live close enough to be able to share these special times with family.

I get so nervous at her meets. I almost can't even watch when it is Mary's turn to do an event. Her State Meet is the week I am due, and I hope I don't end up going into labor from nerves! Thank goodness my mom was there this time to video, so that the video wouldn't be all shaky.

Mary did phenomenal!  She did the best I have ever seen her do on every event!  Her coach messed up and put the mat on the wrong side of the beam, so they had to interrupt Mary's routine to replace the mat. The judges slammed Mary's score for it, otherwise, her scores were all her personal best.

She came away with 1st place on bars, 1st place on vault (out of every age division), and she placed 3rd All Around!  Mary's team also took first place! They were very excited, because it meant 15. minutes of free time at their next practice. ;)     It was a very fun meet.



Above: Mary and her best gymnastics buddy, Morgan, after the meet.

After the meet, we all zoomed over to join Ben and William in watching Sam's soccer game.  Sam has improved so much in the sport, and is beginning to figure it all out. His team (Orange Thunder) has improved as a whole, and are learning about passing and team work. It is adorable to see these kids out there in their huge soccer shorts and tiny shoes, running all over.  Sam laughs when he kicks the ball and asks for a break about every 3 minutes.  He is so cute to watch.

Sam also had his first baseball game this week. Last year it took 4 games just to get him to stand on the field. He never wore the hat, and wore the shirt the last few games.

This game, he wore the hat, and actually played most of the game!  We will work on the shirt later. He is a good little player when he decides he wants to do it. He is a great hitter, but has yet to enjoy the outfield.  We will see how he progresses as the season goes on.  It is his first time being pitched too, instead of using the T, and he is doing really well!



 William is a great sport (no pun intended...hehe) and is anxiously awaiting his turn to do it all. Until then, he just enjoys the parks that surround the sports fields.

After the sports stuff, we met up at a restaurant and celebrated. Yummy! Then it was shopping time.  My mom, brother and sister-in law went to Ikea, and then we all went to Tai FAVORITE home decor store. We were there until closing, and came away with our heads ready to explode with home decor ideas.

My contractions got the best of me by this point, and it was also time for my family to head back home.  We said our goodbye's and parted ways. My family all crashed that night, but crashed happy.

Another weekend well spent, and just the beginning of many, many, many more sports filled days.  Bring it.


Keith said...

So cute!! i'm excited that Alex is almost old enough to start participating in things like that! Exciting to have your due date moved up too!! That is good to hear at the end :)
I'm so sad we never got together before we left! Sorry I'm a bad friend that way! :(

erin d. said...

Atta girl mary! Way to go Sam! And Will you work that swing buddy!

Smith Family Memories! said...

I would love to read your blog!

Colleen said...

Congratulations to Mary! How wonderful! Sam looks like he's having a blast!