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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, September 6, 2015

little lukie goes to preschool

With all of the hype of his older siblings going to school each year, Luke was finally able to join in this year.

He is going to preschool at Heber Valley Elementary twice a week, and...he gets to ride the BUS!!!

At this age, that is what it's all about, and Luke is no exception.

We went to his preschool testing, where he whipped out all of the colors and shapes like he has been doing it for years.  He then ran over to the toy tools, and I literally had to drag him out of there.  I had no worries that he would struggle going to preschool.  After all, they had toy tools, with batteries. 

Luke started preschool the same day William started kindergarten.  He got the same treatment as the others.  A warm breakfast, pictures, new clothes, and he even got a school blessing from Ben during FHE that Monday, along with the others.

Luke was content to walk to the bus stop with Ben and I.  He was just thrilled to have a backpack and to be finally riding the bus, instead of waving to his siblings every day as then drove away in it.  Sam and his friends decided to take complete care of Luke, and they took over.  They talked to him, walked with him, and got him all pumped up.  It melted my heart.  We have good kids in this neighborhood.
Sam and Blake pumping up William and Luke for their first day of school.

Luke happily chattered and ran/walked to the bus stop.

Once we got to the bus stop, William got right in line, and Luke followed.  Check out how many kids are at the bus stop!
Finally, the big moment came!  The nice bus drive let the preschool kids get on the bus first, and she asked Sam to help Luke.  Sam was so sweet and good to Luke.

Luke was so excited, he couldn't stop grinning and giggling.

 Poor Luke tried to get up that first step, but just couldn't quite reach.  Sam came to the rescue, and this is now one of my favorite pictures.
Sam helping Luke on the bus.
Once Luke got up the steps, he turned and gave us a big wave.

Sam helped him get all buckled right next to his buddy who is also named Luke.
And then they were off!  Ben and I waved as long as we could, and that was that.  It was pretty crazy actually!

About an hour later, after fretting like crazy over Luke peeing his pants (potty training is still very new, and I was sure Luke would not tell his teacher he had to go), I ended up driving to the school and taking Luke to the bathroom.

Before I went in the room, I stood at the window and watched.  The teacher was reading a book to the class, and Luke was just sitting there, completely into the book.  He looked so tiny, and so cute.  Thankfully, he went to the bathroom, and went back to class just fine.

He came off the big bus after preschool grinning! 

I think Luke is pretty into this whole preschool thing.

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