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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, September 6, 2015

big buddy goes to school

William has finally reached the ripe old age of 5, and gets to go to Kindergarten!  After two years of preschool, this boy has been more than ready...or so we thought. :)

At the end of preschool last year, they administered a test to all of the students to see if they were ready for kindergarten.  William passed the test without a problem.

Little did we know, that after summer, they have them take the test again.

The day William had his test was absolutely chaotic.  I had taken all three of my babies, to 2 back to school nights(days), taken Luke to his preschool testing, been to the doctor to get immunization records, and had also been to the gym.  The kids were done, I was done, and we were all ready to just go home.

Poor William still had to do his testing.  Luckily, they let me go in with him.  He passed the shapes and colors with no problem.  Then, it came to the letters.  The lady would point to a letter and ask William what it was.  By this point, William was looking all around the room, and just saying random letters and even some numbers.  HA!!

He wasn't even looking at the testing paper, or the lady.  She just kept right on pointing to letters, and he just kept right on rattling off random stuff.  I couldn't help but crack up, and also feel a little mortified that my child was completely failing his kindergarten testing!

Next up was saying the sounds of the letters.  William has a SERIOUS lisp, so I tuned in to this one.  I knew it would be interesting.

The lady said, "All right William, what does pu, pu, P start with.  (she was kind of telling him the sound already.

William said:  "mmmmm, lellow (yellow). "

I about bit my toungue off trying not to burst out laughing, but I was also dying inside.  What the heck William?

This continued on for each letter sound.  William would respond with a random noise and a word.

At this point, I knew we were headed straight to all day kindergarten.

Kindergarten is 1/2 day here, unless they need some extra help, then they go all day.

Sure enough, a week later, I got a phone call from the school.  The kind lady told me that William "qualified" for all day kindergarten!  He would do Spanish the first half of the day, and English the second.
I was not the least surprised, and kind of glad.  I know William is smart, and I am not worried about him.  He is also a boy, and he is very young for his grade.  I also know that he is so bored at home, and would love all day...if he didn't get too tired.

So, finally Williams big day came.  He had watched Mary and Sam have their first week of school, and it was finally his turn!  He is completely OCD with his clothes, and I mean real OCD.  He changed shirts over and over and over again, until he found one that "felt right."  Then he came down for breakfast.

He ate breakfast with his backpack on, because he was so excited and so proud.  He reminded me for the 100th time that I was not to walk to the bus stop with him.  I had to hang back and walk with Luke, while he walked with Sam and the big boys.  He was very proud to finally be walking with Sam.

I can never get enough of William posing for the camera.  I thought I would die laughing.

His school shoes mean everything to him.  He loves them so much!  He kept them in the box for a week when he wasn't wearing them.

First day for these two buddies.

I sent four kids off to school for the first time.
William proudly walked out the door with Sam, and Sam was wonderful to walk by him and include him.

William picked up his best friend on the way to the bust stop, and they both entered the bus like champions!
William and buddies.

I worried all day about William getting too tired, finding his way around at lunch, and everything in between.

He came home very happy, and very tired.  He was so proud to walk home with Sam, and to go to school "all day."

I love my buddy so much, and really hope the year goes well for him.  Go William go!

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