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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, July 20, 2015

tubes in, adenoids out

This sweet baby girl of mine has had a terrible time with ear infections.  She has had 8 that we know of in the past 10 months!  Antibiotics have done nothing, and even when her ears aren't infected, they are always full of fluid. 

Sound familiar???  Anyone else thinking of Luke right now.

We got the go ahead to see Dr. Tagge our awesome ENT, and he said that Molly's ears were so bad that he would expedite the order to get tubes in, as well as take her infected and nonfunctional adenoids out.  He said that she had chronic ear pain, and it would not go away until he could drain her ears and get the tubes in.  That broke my heart.

The only day he could get Molly in was the very day Mary and I would be flying out to Texas.  It was also during a two day window between getting home from California and leaving to Texas.  It was either that, or wait until September, which was an absolute no.

Talk about a tight schedule!

So, we got home from Idaho for the 4th of July celebrating on a Sunday evening, we left a day and a half later for California on Tuesday.  We arrived home from California late Sunday evening.  Jolene came the next day, Monday, and Molly had tubes and Mary and I left for Texas on Wednesday.  Yup...crazy.

Ben ended up taking Molly to the procedure, because I needed to be home getting things ready for Mary and I to leave.

It was so extremely hard for me not to be there, but Molly adores her daddy, and he adores her, and I knew that she would be just fine.

My heart just about fell out of my chest, when Ben sent me this next picture.

Ready...brace yourself.  Here it is.

Oh my sweet honey bunch of baby cuteness.  I still can hardly stand the cuteness of this picture.

Molly did great, and all went well.

The kids here at home were very concerned about her, and they all took turns kissing and hugging her when she got home.

Mary was really cute with her, and I think she just wanted to see Molly smile to be re-assured that she was OK.  She sure got her smiling!

Molly seemed to be doing great, but either way, it was extremely difficult to leave her later that evening.  I was so grateful that Ben was still there for another day.  He left for a business trip a day and 1/2 later (that is why Jolene was there), but it was comforting to know that he would be there for the first night after her procedure.

She did wonderfully while Ben and I were gone, but within a few hours of me being home, she spiked a fever, and has been terribly sick since.

The doctor thinks she caught a "bug" while getting her procedure done at the hospital.  It is a virus, but it feels just like strep throat to my poor Molly girl.  She has been absolutely miserable since I have been home the past 2 days.

I am so grateful that she was healthy and OK until I could be here to hold and comfort my baby.  I don't know what I would have done knowing that my baby was sick, and that I couldn't be there.
Poor little baby girl!

Regardless of her being so sick, we have all noticed a pretty big jump in Molly's "speech."  She doesn't talk yet, but she is making way more noises and sounds than she was before, and we can tell that her hearing has greatly improved.

I am so excited for her to finally be rid of those nasty ear infections, and to see what the world is all about without constant pain and stuffiness in her ears.

Thank goodness for modern medicine and good doctors!

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