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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, July 20, 2015

california or bust!...part 2

Friday night, Sam and Sherean treated Ben and I on a double date to a really yummy steak house.  Kendall was an awesome sport, and watched all of the kids...aside from Molly, who came with us.

It was so nice to eat outside on a perfect evening, and talk with Sam and Sherean.  The food was amazing!  Definitely on the list of things to do again next year.

On Saturday, we went to the beach.  We totally lucked out.  The weather had actually been very cool while we were there, which was perfect for the kids to be able to play outside...but not so great for the beach.

Luckily, the day we went, the weather was perfect!

We had a great time at the beach.  Even Molly enjoyed it.  I think she ate about a gallon of sand!

The boys LOVED catching sand crabs, and they were really good at it.

Mary found a big shell. Pretty cool!

Sam and Sterling doing tricks
Mary and the older cousins grabbed some boogie boards, and we didn't see them back on the beach for hours!

Luke LOVED feeding the seagulls and chasing them.  He also loved lying in the sun and playing with his favorite cousin...Kendall.

Mary and Sam and the cousins decided to make a seagull trap, to try to catch seagulls.  They buried Mary in the sand a put a towel over her face.  They then put bread on top of Mary, and then watched and waited.
Three seagulls came right over and stood on top of Mary to eat the bread.  As soon as she lifted her arms, they went flying in every direction.  It was one of the most hilarious things I have seen in a long time!
burying Mary and placing the bread on her

waiting for the seagulls

The first one to go for the bread

After a full day at the beach, we got hamburgers and ice cream cones and a really good café down the street, and headed home.

It was a great day at the beach!!!

Every morning we were there, I got to do the most beautiful run of my life.  It was absolute paradise!!!  I ran through orchards, vinyards, and gorgeous fields.  I saw hot air balloons, jack rabbits and other wildlife.  Every morning was crisp, clear and cool.  I just grinned every single morning, the whole time.  It was a runners dream come true.  At the 1/2 way point of each run, there is a big hill that I ran up.  On top of the hill is a HUGE oak tree.  We call her momma oak tree, and I hugged her every day.  Oh, I sure miss that run.

After we got back from the beach, the kids all went out to the dry creek to catch toads and lizards.  Sammy boy was in heaven!  He had been looking forward to doing this the whole time.  He was not disappointed.  They caught frogs and lizards to their hearts content.

It was such an awesome trip, and we were all sad to leave.  Poor Sterling just stood in the doorway and waved and waved and waved.  Mary and Sam were very sad to say goodbye as well.  It was hard to see the cousins to sad, but it also warmed my heart to know that they bonded and had enough fun to make it hard to say goodbye. Priceless in my eyes.

Good thing we have next year!

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