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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

women's conference

Women's Conference for our church was this last weekend.

It was the first time that girls ages 8 and older could go.  I was really looking forward to being able to bring Mary!  What a historic event!

Last minute, I decided to drive to Pocatello, and go with my mom and sister as well.  How cool is that!

Ben was taking Sam and William skiing that weekend, so I brought Luke along as well.

It was a fast trip, but we crammed a lot in.

We shopped on Saturday, and Mary got her nails done.  I need to get a picture of them...they are so cute!  She cracks me up.  She loves them.
To this day, I have had my nails done once...for my wedding, and I ripped them off the very next day.  Mary is basically my sister's twin. 

I hit the jackpot at TJ Max, of all places, and FINALLY found some maternity clothes that I love and can wear through the summer.  It has been extremely stressful finding maternity clothes this time around.  I am not one that enjoys spending money on clothes.  Especially clothes that I will only wear for about 6 months.

All of my past maternity clothes are for the winter, so I literally have had nothing but one pair of pants and my regular,and now WAY to small, shirts to squeeze in to.  It's my 5th pregnancy past 16 weeks, so yes, I am already showing a lot more than I am comfortable with...but oh well, not much to do about it but embrace it one last time I guess.

 It felt so good to find clothes, and cute ones too!  I even found shirts that I can wear not pregnant too. Shopping is always so much better and I always accomplish so much more with my mom and sister.  I just don't have an eye for stuff, until it is pointed out to me.

Mary got some new shirts too.  Again, so not my style, but exactly what my sister would pick out.  Mary came away with a tiger and a panda shirt, and one super cute green shirt.  It cracked me up.

  Kelsey, my sister, came away with an elephant shirt!?!?!   Like I said, they are basically twins when it comes to style.  I am fine with it though, because my sister Kelsey, is always so cute and stylish.  I don't mind my daughter having the same taste.  I will just never be able to shop for Mary.  I wouldn't have a clue.

We shopped while Luke was napping.  Then, we came home, grabbed my dad and Luke and went out to dinner.  It was fun to be with my family and eat yummy food. 

After dinner was the Women's Conference.

It was wonderful!  I loved the messages that were given, and more importantly, I loved how my heart felt.  Mary felt it too, and that is even more important to me.  It was so neat to be sitting there with my mother, sister and daughter participating in something that means everything to me.  It was a very special hour and a half.
After the Conference, we went home and watched movies, talked, and ate popcorn until we fell asleep.  I also went "shopping" in Kelsey's closet, and got even more cute clothes.  I love it that she has more clothes than she knows what to do with.  Works out for me!

I left the next morning, after calling poison control because Luke downed a bottle of my mom's Melatonin.  We were told he would be fine, so I drove through a huge storm the whole way back to Utah.  Luke slept the entire way, Ha!

Good times, good times.

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