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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Little Man

Grandma JoJo was here last week, and amidst tons of things I was able to get done, there were two things that were the most important.  Time with Mary and Sam.

  William and Luke have plenty of attention right now, but Mary and Sam spend so much time romping around outside with friends and blasting in and out of the house, that I feel like I have lost some connection with them.

So, I asked Sam out on a date.  He said yes, and I was happy. 

I let him pick the activities. 

We went to the pet store first, and spent a long time looking at all of the animals and talking about them.

Sam held my hand the whole time, and I loved it.

Next, it was off to Target. I let Sam pick out two things he wanted (within a price range). I had to really bite my tongue and force myself to say, ok, when I saw what he ran to.

I have never seen a kid grin the way Sam did when I handed him the sword and the mask. It was amazing and so adorable. He was over the moon! He immediately started fighting the bad guys, right there in the isles at Target. He made sure we were safe the whole way back to the car. No bad guys got us. Few!

Next, it was off to the snow shack. It has been hovering around 100 degrees here for the past week or so, so the snow cone was the perfect treat. Sam got a rainbow one, and ate the whole thing, while holding his sword.

We talked in the car, I told him how special he was and talked to him about some of his talents and strengths. We connected, and we were happy.

I love my Sammy boy so much. 

And guess what...he asked me on a second date, and I said yes!

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Lisa said...

So cute! What a fun date!