My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, November 16, 2009

When church is cancelled because of snow.

I was shocked when we got the phone call. Church was canceled due to just 4 inches of snow and some ice on the roads. I think it is so funny that we live at 7000 feet right next to the Rockies, but for some reason there is a serious fear of snow and ice here. Oh well, I guess it makes for some fun cozy days at home. I was so sad about the primary program being postponed, but we made the best of it, and we really
did have a very fun day. It ended up being just what the doctor ordered.

My due date wasn't too bad after all. I went through some blog posts during that time that I haven't read since I wrote them, I looked through my special heart box, and I talked a little with Ben about some very special feelings and revelation we have been given related to the baby. I ended the day with a full heart and a lot of gratitude.

Mary was out in the snow for almost 4 hours total, dark and light. She was in heaven. There is just something about playing in the snow that makes you smile. I even got out there and attempted a snowman. The snow wasn't quite snowman making material, but I did get the bottom half done. It brought back so many childhood memories.

Ben and Mary were successful in making their first ever igloo. It is pretty neat.
Most of the pictures are dark, because they finished it at night. If you look hard enough, you can see them in the igloo.

I was just happy to finally have snow and to start feeling the holiday spirit inching its way through my body. I have been battling a serious case of the grumpies lately. I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am also pretty dang lonely. I get VERY homesick around this time of year, and it seems that my peeps have all gone missing. I heard a Christmas song on the radio today, and I blasted it. I sang every single word. It was so refreshing.
I am ready for some action around here. Anyone else out there feel like the world just kind of shut down around you? I can't go to playgroup (due to the day and time), and I don't think I have hung out with any friends for well over a month, my family is so far away, and the blogging world seems to have slowed down as well. Where did everyone go? BOO! Thank goodness for my sweet husband who is planning a date for us this weekend which includes going to New Moon. I had planned on going to it with my good friend Mel (the midnight first showing), but midnight is not the best time for me with this pregnancy. So, Ben stepped up. What a guy. Willing to suffer through it, just for me and my boobing around phase. I am very excited.

Let's get on with the holiday parties, the movies, the goodies, the decorating and the cheer! I think I may decorate early this year. What the heck, once you feel it, you feel it. And I'm feelin' it folks! I am ready to par-tay!

I am so pumped for Thanksgiving next week. It will finally mark the end to this BLAH, boring, lonely, sludge phase I am in. That will be the beginning of the Holiday non-stop madness for us, lots of friends and family, a full house, full hearts, decorating, excitement and go, go, go. I CAN'T WAIT! I am more than ready. The countdown is on! YIPPEE!

Shoveling the driveway turned into making a sledding run for Tyler and Mary. They were all smiles.

Tyler got out his "Jeep" and pulled Mary on the sled. She laughed so hard she could hardly breathe.


Maja said...

Hang in there! I know it is hard to just be happy with today. Sometimes we try and rush off to see what tomorrow brings. We look forward to seeing you guys at Christmas. I updated my blog today if you need something to look at.

Deanna said...

Your posts have such a wonderful spirit about them. Thank you!

Still here in the blogging world, just reading and commenting instead of writing my own posts! :)

The Seven Family said...

Cute and fun pix of the snow fun!! I can't wait until we get some real stuff here!!

Ben and Megan said...

We're feelin' the spirit of the season too... I say we just put up the trees! We are so excited for Thanksgiving too!

Colleen said...

Fun fun! I love snow and love that you do too. Sometimes it feels like we are the only ones!