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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thrills on Wheels

The only picture I have from when JoJo was here. Pathetic, I know. I love this picture though, because it shows the lengths she will go to in order to keep the kiddos happy. Such a great grandma.

Yesterday, Ben had a good chunk of time off work, so we pulled out the bikes.
He got Mary's bike all fixed up, I added a cute little bell to it, and we TOOK OFF THE TRAINING WHEELS.
I always picture learning to ride a bike as being some quality daddy and me time. My dad taught me and my siblings to ride a bike, and it just stuck in my mind.
Thankfully, Ben had the same idea.
With Mary on her bike, and Ben running up and down the road, she made some great progress! She did it on her own a few times, and gained some confidence.
It was crazy for me to watch her and how grown up she looked. So weird.
It was adorable though and the "lessons" will continue once the snow melts.

Getting some pointers.

Try and try again.

Little Sammy LOVES riding Mary's old Dora tricycle, but he is so small, he hasn't been able to reach the pedals. It hasn't stopped him though.
He will start at the top of the driveway, push off, lift his feet in the air and zoom down the driveway, he will turn just before flying into the road (his favorite part, my heart-attack part) and zoom down the sidewalk until he slams in a garbage can. (second favorite part, second heart attack for me) At this point he is laughing is head off.
This is the part where I come to him, unwrap the dog leash I have tied to the bike, and pull Sam back up the sidewalk and up the driveway, so he can do it all over again.
I think we did this well over 30 times yesterday.

When daddy got home, he jimmy-rigged the tricycle and we put Sam on it. His feet reached the pedals! Sam tried it out a few times, and with a HUGE grin on his face and a voice full of excitement, he looked up at me and said, "I CAN REACH MOMMY!"
All of my pregnant hormonal self started holding back tears and I just clapped.

Sam has talked non-stop about his bike and how he can pedal. He and Mary both went into the garage once it got too dark outside, and rode their bikes for another hour.
So cute.

See the dog leash wrapped around the bike. It saved my back!
Sam was so happy in this picture, because he could finally reach the pedals.


my4suns2 said...

How cute! They are getting so big! Garrett has been attempting to ride without the training wheels and he just can seem to get enough confindence to not lean on us. It's tough work. I think those smaller bikes are harder to learn on. We're going to try him out on Dallin's bike that's a little bigger. Good luck to Mary! Sam is so cute!

The Seven Family said...

Becky - they are so cute. It is fun when they reach those fun milestones!!