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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, in my last post, I elaborated a little on my "walking hormone" slump I have been in. Life had just seemed so blah, lonely and slow lately. Not to mention, my moods have been ALL over the place this pregnancy like never before and the exhaustion has been at its absolute worst. It is incredible.

I have almost hit the 12 week mark, and I have to say that these past few days, life seems SO MUCH BETTER! I can feel the energy slowly seeping back into me. I am still very tired, but I am not dead on my feet. The dreams have calmed down, so I am actually getting a good sleep. It is really nice. I am feeling a lot more ups than downs, and if it all goes as it usually does, my moods and my hormones will be right back to normal within the next week or two. Luckily, with my past pregnancies, I am not a walking hormone the whole nine months. I am grateful for that. Three months is bad enough. I am already feeling a drastic change and it is WONDERFUL!

I am going to have a rockin' awesome girls night out tomorrow night with great friends. We all seem to be overdue for some girl party time. We are going to New Moon, and I am very very excited.

Ben and I are going on a date, yup, an official pay a babysitter, do something fun, eat something yummy, just the two of us, date on Saturday night. Ben is planning it, and I am really excited to just spend some good time alone with him. His schedule with work and school has been CRAZY this past week or two, and it seems like we don't have a moment to talk or just to "be." That will be slowing down now, much to my joy and his relief.

Our date will be just after taking Mary snow skiing for the first time this season and then seeing Shaina, a good friend who is in Denver right now. ;)

Next week, Ben has no early morning meetings and way less late night conference calls. We have friends coming from out of town to spend Thanksgiving with us, and the good neighbors will also spend Thanksgiving with us. It is going to be a week of fun and celebrating. My best friend in the whole world is also going to be here and will be shopping Black Friday with me. That in and of itself, is an experience. I went for my first time last year, and it was a blast. I get a kick out of all of it.

I am buying the beginning of all of our Christmas/Birthday presents today, and I am SO excited. The lists are done, now is the fun part. I am a major gift giver. It is my love language. So, I absolutely love Christmas shopping and planning.

In about a week, our house will be all things Christmas...including the tree. WAHOO! I caved in early this year, and the Christmas music is already playing. It is taking all restraint necessary for me not to put all of the decorations up right now. We just have some dang cute Thanksgiving stuff out right now, and it would be weird to take it all down before Thanksgiving.


I found an incredible deal for Ben to get a plane ticket back home after Christmas (to get back to work) so I get to STAY WITH MY FAMILY IN IDAHO FOR AN EXTRA WEEK!!!!!!!! I only get to see my family twice a year, so this is a big deal to me. I was only going to be able to see them for three days, now it will be one week and three days!

Life isn't perfect, of course, but it is much better. I am looking forward to the next month or so. Lots of great things are coming up. One of the best things of all will be that I will be done with the first trimester, and hopefully this baby will continue to stay with us and let us know if it is a he or a she within the next little while. (depending on how many ultrasounds I will continue to have).

Speaking of ultra-sounds, I guess I should let you all know the update with Ben.
We thought he was having problems with his gallbladder, so he went in for an ultrasound. His gallbladder was just dandy, but his kidney was enlarged. His blood test also showed that there is a problem with his kidney. He had a CAT scan on Monday. The kind where they put iodine stuff in you via and IV to make it all show up better. We are awaiting the phone call any second now to get the results from that. We are a little nervous, but staying positive that it will be something easy to fix (even though it may be painful for Ben) kidney stones or something. We are hoping for the best.

I am just grateful that life is ever changing, because sometimes, a change is all we need.


Colleen said...

I'm glad things seem to be looking up! It is so nice when those hormones seem to even out! I hope all is well with Ben, and see you tomorrow night! FUN!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Sounds like things are looking good! Hope all is well with Ben!! New Moon that should be tons of fun, and a date with you hubby the next night! What a great weekend you have planned!! Love you guys and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy said...

I'm so jealous you get to see New Moon. We have to wait a few more weeks for it to get here. I'm glad things are looking up too. I remember Aaron telling ME how aweful the first 3 months were... um, I'm the one that was sick!! Guess he didn't like taking on all the responsibility while I was laying dead on the couch. Hahaha. I hope the 2nd trimester is fabulous for you.

J&E said...

Yay for feeling better and Yay for a fun weekend ahead!

The Seven Family said...

Sounds like you have fun plans! Don't ever hesitate to put up Christmas. There is nothing wrong with Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations up at the same time. My theory is that Christmas is too much fun to only have decorations up for one month!! Have fun at Thanksgiving with your friends. We are home alone this year - but, it will be good. Glad you get some extra time at home during Christmas too. When we were in MN it was so nice to come home twice a year. I wanted to stay as long as possible. Glad things are looking up for you guys - you deserve it!!