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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Say What?

We are having a BLAST this week with grandma JoJo here. It is wonderful to have someone to talk to during the day, and the extra helping hands during these "exhaustion" days are a great perk also. I can't complain though. I am feeling great aside from being tired, and I will take that any day. Once you have experienced horrible morning/all day sickness (three times for me), you will take almost anything in its place. I even remember one time contemplating if I would eat dog poop in order to get rid of the nausea, and I think I actually decided that I would.

So, as we were at Kohls shopping today (I am in the can't fit old clothes, but can't fit maternity, phase) grandma JoJo graciously told Mary and Sam they could each pick a toy.

Sam grabbed a little tractor truck, and I shopped around while Mary was changing her mind every 10 seconds in the toy section with JoJo. I figured she would end up with a puzzle, a stuffed animal, or some doll with a horse.

Was I ever shocked when she came running up to me with the weirdest toy I have ever seen in my life. It said "Bakugan" on the package. I asked her several times is she was sure she wanted the bauhaghan, backagon, bahooga thingy. She was VERY sure.

So, we came home with these little balls of plastic and no one knew how the heck to open them. I spent a good 15 minutes poking, shaking, prodding, picking and eventually getting out a knife and working on the thing. Grandma JoJo read, re-read, and re-re-read the package for any info on how to open the dang things.

We finally gave up just as Mary chucked hers onto the wood floor, and BANG, the dang thing popped right open! Ah Ha, that must be it. So we all continued to throw them onto the floor and watch them pop open until one finally broke. I was ticked. Who makes a toy out of plastic that you have to chuck onto the floor?

It wasn't until 45 minutes later that I noticed there were cards in the package, and I soon realized it was a game!? I read that you roll these things onto a card and they just pop open. Yeah right! After all we did, rolling the thing would open it, sure.

Alas, we tried it and whadda ya know, they all popped right open. So, so, so weird. Although, one of them pops open a little funny, due to my knife prying. oops. Go me.

I have been watching Mary and Sam fight over and over and over again for the past hour regarding who gets to play with these toys. I just can't believe it. They love these things.

Now I am learning that these are on the "hot item" list for this season and lots of stores are out of them with LONG waiting lists. Geeze, I must really be behind. I though I was going to be the big cheese mom of the year for getting Mary a Leapster. Little did I know, I should be buying these buka-whatever plastic balls instead!

j/k Mary is actually going to LOVE the leapster, I have no doubt.
It just cracks me up that no matter how much I ask and observe, I can't figure out what really floats her boat. I never in a million years, would have bought these strange plastic toys with weird cartoon people on the package...straight out of China for sure. Can't wait to see what's next.


lori parkhurst said...

You don't have to explain what backugan is to me. baylor has been collecting those for years. They also are magnetic and you can use them on the fridge!

Trinette McCrary said...

Okay, that just cracked me up. I know that you will find Bakugan toys at the Colleen's house. Her boys love them. Shhh, Aivan will be getting some for Christmas.

The Seven Family said...

You sound like me - we don't watch commercials in our house, so I never know the popular stuff either. Oh well, that isn't all bad. I am sure Mary is going to love the leapster. We did leap-pads for our kids and they all went through stages of loving them! You'll have to let us know how it goes Christmas a.m.

Harris said...

My boys have a HUGE bakugan collection. They LOVE them. They are so hard to keep track of though. That is a pretty good story though. Glad to hear that all is well with the baby :)

Colleen said...

So funny! You didn't call the experts! We have some Baku-mania going on here. And actually, I like them much better than Pokemon (the other mania), they are kind of coolish in a way.