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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How??????

You know the saying, "the older I get, the smarter I was." That seems to be ringing true for me lately. The more questions my kids ask, the dumber I feel. And belive me, it has been NON STOP questions. This has been going on for about two weeks now, and I don't see it letting up any time soon. Mary is in this phase of needing to know everything. I try to hard not to get really annoyed and say "BECAUSE," but geeze, she can ask some hard ones.

For example, here is our conversation in the car on the way to the gym. I no longer get to listen to the radio, I gave up. It seems like the car is the place that gets Mary's mind churning, and the questions spill out of her so fast, there isn't a chance to do anything else.

Mary: What kind of rock is this?
Me: It is a lava rock.

Mary: What is lava?
Me: When a volcano errupts, the fire that comes out of it is called lava.

Mary: What does errupts mean?
Me: It means it shoots out of the volcano.

Mary: Well, that doesn't explain my rock mom.
Me: When the lava dries, it turnes into rock, like the one you have.

Mary: So, are there volcanoes around here.
Me: uuuhhhh

Mary: Is that what killed the dinosaurs?
Me: hhhmmm, well....

Mary: Are there dinosaur bones here?
Me: I think so.

Mary: Why are they under the ground? Didn't the dinosaurs live on top of the ground?
Me: The dinosaurs die on top of the ground, but after a lot of rain and mud and stuff, they get buried.

Mary: Where does the dinosaurs skin go?
Me: uuuhhh, well...

Mary: How do we know where to find the dinosaur bones?
Me: uuuhhhh

Mary: Oh, I know. They have these things that look like vacuums with screams (screens) on them. They tell where the bones are, right?
Me: Sure.

At this point, she is quietly looking at her rock, I immediately turn on the radio to listen to a great song.

Mary: Hey mom, why is that lamp not working?
Me: (turning off the radio..dang) What lamp?

Mary: That one on the side of the road. All of the other ones work, why doesn't that one?
Me: The lightbulb must have burned out.

Mary: How do you fix it?
Me: uuuhhh

Mary: Is it a big lightbulb?
Me: I'm sure it is.

Mary: So, how do they fix it?
Me: They drive a truck up to it and then pull the ladder out. They climb up the ladder and change the lightbulb.

Mary: Won't they get hit by cars?
Me: No, they have lights so we can see them.

Mary: Why are there lamps all along the road?
Me: So we can see the road at night.

Mary: But I thought we had lights on the car to see the road with.
Me: Well, the lamps give us more light.


We finally get to the gym.

Mary: Mom, why do you go on the treadmill?

and on and on and on and on.

This happens ALL day long. It is crazy.
Sam has joined in as well, but he is totally into body stuff right now. He wants to know about poop and the toilet and names of body parts. Between the two of them, I am feeling dumber as the days go on. Seriously, it is amazing how much I don't know.

I guess I should enjoy this phase where my kids think I know everything and that Ben is Superman. It won't last forever. Soon they will realize how dumb we really are. And then of course, they get married and have kids, and we become brilliant all over again!


Familia Morales said...

Such a fun phase! Isn't it cool how their little minds work?

Deanna said...

I LOVED this post!!! LOL! I have "because" running over and over and over when I talk these days! :)

runningfan said...

Kid conversations are...entertaining. Slash annoying. :)

The Hardy Things in Life said...

What a great post!! I love having conversations with RaeLynn, so I am sure with your kids it is just as much fun!! Isn't it crazy what they come up with?? I love the pictures, so super fun and crazy!! They are so BIG!!!

Rhonda said...

Funny! I remember my kids doing that too. After a while it tends to drive one crazy. But, kids absorb SO much knowledge, you will have such smart kids, because you took time to answer so many of their questions!
Your kids pictures are so cute!
Thanks for posting!

Love ya!

J&E said...

So funny! I love Mary's stylin' outfit in these pictures! She is getting so big!