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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Lately, I have really been trying to think of more things to do with the kids. The past few months have been survival mode, and I have been soooo tired. The poor kids took the brunt of it and watched WAY too much T.V. There was truly nothing I could do about it. My goal was to stay awake and keep the house from burning to the ground.

So, now that I am getting more energy back (WAHOO!!!) I am trying to find things to do. I have discovered that Mary absolutely loves crafts. This week we painted ponies, stamped up a storm, did make-overs, finger painted and painted our nails.
It is amazing what happens with some one-on-one time. She has so much fun and seems happier.

Same thing goes for Sam. I have learned all sorts of ways to play cars, trucks and trains this week. He soaks every second of it in.

Today, after church, Ben was gone for about an hour and I became a basketball hoop, a pony and a bounce house. By the time he got home, I was dead, but the kids were happy. I hope they don't think this will be an every day occurrence. I am just making up for lost time.

Now I am out of ideas! Yeah, I know, not so creative, am I. Any suggestions from anyone for this week? What do you moms do with your kids during down time? Any good craft ideas for kids? What about little boys? Any good museums around ones? I am up for any and all suggestions.

Of course, I am not the energizer bunny, and the DVD player will still get good use (though not as much if I can help it), but for now, I am just happy to have some energy back, and I think my kids are too. I missed them.

Mary made this tonight out of the cards from here memory game. It is a picture of herself. It was so cute, so I had to take a picture. Can you see the arms, legs, and head? What a crack up!


runningfan said...

Mary might like making stuff from masking tape and Popsicle sticks. I have a giant box of sticks if you need some! Watercolors are cheap and easy. Playdough. Playdough and Popsicles. Hm...I'll keep thinking.

By the way, I'm better. Sorry to hear about your nasty cold!

Nancy said...

Jaron & I do "art" almost every day because he loves it so much. He especially likes to stick foam stickers on paper. I get lots of crafty ideas off of and that's where I order stuff too, since there's not a lot of that kind of stuff here. I also get "Family Fun" magazine which has tons of great ideas. I also just bought a book called "Preschool Art" that looks awesome. Here's a link if you want to look at it.

I'm sure you can find it cheaper on amazon, that's where I got it. Love ya!

Colleen said...

Sounds like it's been a fun week! I am so glad you are starting to feel better and back to normal. Josh and I also have a book that has little, easy craft projects called The Preschooler's Busy Book that I got for $10 at Barnes and Noble. He loves choosing things from it to do! And just going to the craft section at Walmart and getting a bunch of stuff, feathers, glue, duct tape, foam, various papers, popsicle sticks, etc. and having it all in a bucket works good. It's amazing the things the boys come up with! Beyond that the kids have always really loved doing puzzles with me, and you can find them pretty cheap sometimes at the dollar store or other places. Or just sitting and reading together, sometimes we end up with a huge stack because they keep going back for more. Duplo blocks or other kinds of blocks would be great for Sam, and if you build with him it helps him stretch what he thinks he can do too. Those are some thoughts!

Ryan Belnap said...

If you have boxes make a little house or car for them. They will have fun making it and play for hours in it. Also we like taking them to the pet store, it's like the zoo but free and the kids LOVE it!! This is funny but Lilly actually asked me if she could do yoga with me today, so maybe just doing exercises together and stretching. I am glad you are getting your energy back! It was good talking to you Sunday!