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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1.5% Milk

So, a few weeks ago a guy showed up at our door offering to let us sample some milk. We are major milk lovers in our home, so we said "why not." We instantly fell in love.

The milk is very natural and incredibly fresh, and it is milked within 48 hours of delivery. Yup, you heard that right, delivery.

One thing that drives me nuts is carrying the milk into the house after buying it. I think it stems from the California days when I had Mary, Sam in a carseat, and all of the groceries to carry up three long flights of stairs, through three heavy doors (I would have to put everything down, open the door, prop it open with my foot, get the groceries through, pick everything up again and then let the door slam behind me) and down two hallways.

I would strap as many grocery bags as I could onto my arms, pick up Sam in the carseat, tell Mary to follow, lock the car (this is California, and I had my wallet stolen from that same parking lot in a split second) and then march up stair after stair after stair, go through all of the doors, and down two creepy hallways. It was horrible, and carrying the milk up the stairs was always the hardest part.

I would get to the door, drop everything, except for Sam, scramble to find the car keys, unlock the door, bring the groceries in, get the kids in a safe spot, lock them in the appartment, sprint down the stairs, unlock the car, grab another load of groceries, lock the car, hurry up the stairs worrying about the kids, unlock the door, throw the groceries down and lock the door.

I usually had to make a few trips, and at least once every trip a bag would break and everything would fall down the stairs. Boo!

I remember a specific time that I was marching up the stairs and on each step I would think about how wonderful it would be when we had a home, and a garage so I could drive right up to the door. I vowed that I would never take it for granted. And I don't. I think about it every time I bring groceries into the house, and I smile that I am so spoiled now.

So, now we have milk DELIVERED right to our doorstep every Friday morning. Mary loves to bring it in, so I don't even have to make the tiny trip from the door to the fridge. My, how times have changed for me. I LOVE IT! I used to be a milk delivery person, so I understand the sacrifice. My hours were 3:30am-7:00am. I think our milk person has the same hours. That person is a saint!

The best part of all is that the milk is 1.5%. Not too watery, but not too thick. It is cool, creamy, smooth, healthy, fresh, perfection.

Royal Crest 1.5% does a body good.


J&E said...

How great is that?!

shaina said...

I grew up on a ranch and my brothers would milk the cows every morning. Although I don't drink milk, I appreciate it's freshness and availability for you!! Congrats!

Gina said...

ROYAL CREST #213. OH YEAH. (was that our apt number? I can't even remember, haha.)
Yum, I want to try it! I totally hear ya about the grocery thing. I've been living the same exact way until now. It was SUCH A PAIN IN THE REAR!!! I absolutely LOVE having a garage! Now all I need is a milk man. :)
Love ya

Trinette McCrary said...

We got a free half gallon the other day. Probably from the same guy, did he talk kind of funny? Anyway he tried to get me to sign up. I just couldn't do it! I'm happy you did and are loving it. It is super convienant.

Kate said...

My in-laws get the same milk delivered to them. Diane agrees with you, she says it is the best plus then she doesn't go to the store as often and thus doesn't spend as much money.