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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To cut...or not to cut...that is the question??

So, for the past 9 weeks I have just felt sick, tired, ugly, exhausted, fat, and well...pregnant. Before we found out I was pregnant (which, yes, was planned, and yes, regardless of my complaints, we are VERY excited) I was in the process of deciding weather or not to change my hair style. I have always been told not to cut your hair when you are pregnant because your face gets all fat and you won't like it. So, I dropped the idea. But..I need a change!!! I want to feel cute, chick, hip, new, and all that great stuff. I am sick of my long, limp, no body hair that goes with my limp and lifeless body right now. I know it won't fix everything, but something new and exciting is always fun.
I am a BIG chicken when it comes to changing my hair. I don't have the face that just looks good with anything. I have had some NASTY haircuts in my lifetime. One in particular that I cried over. It was cut about 3 inches shorter than I asked, and she messed up and her supervisor had to cut off another inch. It was well above my ears when it was supposed to be just below my shoulders. It was also my Birthday AND we were going to see Ben's family that weekend. I didn't know them well at that point. I looked like a boy. It was aweful!
Also, my hair grows really really really really slow. It takes me forever to grow it long after getting a short hair cut. So, if I don't like the hair cut, I am stuck with it for a long time. EEK! The shortest I have ever cut my hair is right off my shoulders with fun layers...aside from the horrible cut mentioned above. So these hair cuts truly are scary to me!
So, that said, I could REALLY use your HONEST and BLUNT opinion. These are the styles I am considering. Will these go with my face shape?? Any other haircuts you may suggest? I need a lot of body. My hair struggles with body, so the more the merrier. I don't want my hair a mile off my head though. Also, I CAN'T do bangs. I have a massive part in my bangs, and I cannot do bangs. So, here are the options. HELP ME!

Short, but not scary. This would be the safe hair cut, and I love it! It wouldn't scare me too badly. The only problem is that I have no idea how to style it like the picture. I want a hair cut that I will know how to style the right way. Is this one pretty easy to style?? Do I have to have bangs for this? I really like this one.

Keep growing it out. If I continue to keep my hair long, I want it to look like this. Body!!! Is it possible for me to be able to have hair like this, or am I just dreaming. After carefully studying each picture and then staring at me forever, Mary picked this one. hhhmmm

Taking a leap. This one would scare me, but give me the body I really want. I also think this is so dang cute! I would have to hold a hand to get this one done, but it could just be the cute, chick, hair I am craving. Or, I may look like a boy and cry. Do I have the face for this one??? Sorry about her "girls" falling out of her shirt. oops!

My favorite. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair. Time is the problem with this one though. Who on earth has time to curl their hair like this everyday. Is there any possible way to quickly make my hair look like this. Or would it just be a huge pain! For this one, I would obviously just keep growing my hair out.

Bring on the body. This is similar to #3, but a bit more body...which is what I need. I don't know if my bangs would do this though. This is the hair cut that has been at the back of my mind for some time now. I am just so scared. Will I look like a fat face with this?

So there they are. What should I do? Please be honest. I need something fun, cute, EASY and that will go with ME and MY face shape. YIKES!!!!!! I really don't want to look like a lesbian or a boy.
If I do cut my hair short, will I ever have a desire to grow it out again. I have been told that once you cut it short, you will never have long hair again. Double yikes!

Any other hair styles not mentioned above are welcome bits of advise.


runningfan said...

You're so funny. I have lame, limp, flat hair, too, and I always like it better with layers and a little shorter, but it's hard to give up the ponytail! ;) I've also discovered recently that I love a sideswept bang - and I, too, have a major front part - but I like how it softens my wide fat face! Anyway..........I'm no expert, but I like the shorter ones (3 and 5) and totally think you should go for it!

shaina said...

I say go for the cuts just above your shoulders. It's all about styling product and use of velcro rollers!! I'm all about volume, so I can help you out with it, and I promise not to make your hair quite as big as mine gets sometimes. :) Go for it!

Jessica Kay said...

I think we need to see a picture of your current hair style to decide.

Colleen said...

I like the first one if you need something in your comfort zone, but if you want to be daring go for #5. That said, I am of the "don't cut your hair when you're pregnant" camp. The two longer/full body styles are really all about styling which equals time and effort, which isn't easy with young kids!

kendra said...

My vote: #1... if you're not ready for short you won't like it no matter how cute it is. I think you could do a short hair cut though. If you've been wanting it for a long time go for it - but hormones are high and they will probably get the best of you if you are not ready for short. Body? that's a pretty easy thing to fix - it's all about the blow drying technique. I'd be happy to show you. And Shaina's right - velcro rollers work wonders, I use them every day. If you do the first one you could still grow out to the longer ones. I'm thinking they are more about style than cut but you still have to have a great cut with blended layers to get that body and the curls to stay in.
Also, I really do think you would like a little bit of a longer bang - even if you have a callic. Limp hair looks more stylish with a little fringe. And believe me if you get a cut that's lines follow the natutal partings in your hair will love it.

The Maughan-sters said...

Well, I did drastically cut my hair while I was pregnant! LOL but i liked it. One thing that I did, was take in the pictures i liked to the hairstylist, and asked them which ones would go with my face (to not make it look fat! :-)) and then if the side swooped bangs would work or not, etc... I really like the side swooped bangs, because they're longer, so it doesn't take as long to grow out if you get sick of them..AND you can always bobby pin them back too. I agree 3 or 5 :-D

Jessica said...

I don't think any of those cuts look lesbian-like. I don't have a lot of body as well in my hair and it's not thin but it's not lush either. I would get a bob cut because the layers would add depth and volume to your hair. You don't HAVE to get bangs but I think they would look cute.
Just when you blow it dry, turn your head upside down to give it volume and dry your bangs how you want them to part.

I think all of them are cute but the bob is what I would go with.