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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Memories

Regardless of our 6 straight days of rain (which we are thrilled about as we watch our new little fuzzy grass pop coming soon, I know, you can't wait for pictures of grass), we made it a goal to get out in the mountains and camp. Actually, not so much a goal, but it was a need, a crazy desire, a must!
We planned on Friday night...nope, too much rain. Saturday night, we started making plans, only to have a HUGE downpour followed by some hail. Looks like pizza and a movie.
Sunday was our last chance. We watched the storm clouds roll in, but came home from church and continued to pack and prepare. Our desire to get up in the mountains was much stronger than the storm this time.
So, we headed out the door in this.

And this.

Yes that is Sam, and yes..that is a PINK hat. It was Mary's, but he wanted it. Whatever.

With such a wonderful start to out trip, we continued to make our way up to the mountains. And oh man, what a gorgeous view was awaiting us. All of the rain has made everything the most beautiful green. It was breathtaking, and Ben and I AGAIN went over the pros and cons of just moving up there asap.

We scored and found an awesome and free campsite. It was the ideal place, and we felt very lucky to find it, especially on Memorial Weekend. It was complete with thick trees, a stream, and no one around us. Perfect!

We hurridly set up camp as we watched the storm clouds rolling in. Ben proved his true Colorado lungs as he blew up our air mattress at above 10,000ft. without passing out. What a man! Our converter wasn't big enough to do it in the car.

We literally finished getting the tent set up when the downpour hit, and did not stop the rest of the night. Luckily our tent was big enough and we were able to cook our hotdogs in the tent for dinner. Go us!

The night was full of Sam waking up every hour, Mary peeing her pants from shivering too hard, Ben getting a serious stomach ache and having to run out in the rain several times (and having the unspeakable happen with the dog, I have a strong stomach, but the story makes me sick, I will spare you the details, but it was aweful) and me, the pregnant one, getting up several times as well.

Thankfully, the next morning was beautiful! Ben, the mountain man, was able to scavenge up some wood and get a fire going, even though everything was wet. We discovered that Pam works really well as a fire starter, especially for wet wood. I was impressed. We were able to eat breakfast, and I was able to get in my mondo mug of hot chocolate in the nice sunlight. Just ignore the fact that my make-up is basically off, and my hair hasn't been done since the day before.

The kids had a grat time exploring and romping around in the mud puddles. The dog was in heaven.

Then the clouds came. We packed up as fast as we could, and literally got in the car right before the storm hit. Perfect timing.

Even though we had rain, and a rough night, we had a lot of fun! There is just something so calming and refreshing about getting away and being surrounded with so much beauty. We came away tired and grinning from ear to ear. I am already getting very anxious for our next camping trip, which will hopefully be happening the weekend of my Birthday.

We got home Monday, showered, unpacked and headed to a barbeque with some friends in the ward. It was a blast for all of us! Mary had the time of her life, and played hard. She could not stop grinning.

We got home and crashed. What a great Memorial Weekend. The best part of it all was just having time together as a family. No work, no school, no schedules. Just the four and 1/2 of us, and a lot of free time. It was wonderful.


Deanna said...

Go You guys!!! Sounds like a bucket-o-fun! (seriously, sounds like you guys had a great time!)

shaina said...

You guys are better campers than me. I'd wait until there was absolutely no chance of rain...and I'd get a campsite with a bathroom too! However, I'll bet everything just made it more of an adventure.

scarecrow said...

When you honked at us on Woodman with a carload of stuff, we wondered if you hadn't been camping. We were on our way home from hiking to the Crags. It was a beautiful day with everything wet and fresh.

Colleen said...

Sounds fun and crazy and...damp! Glad it was fun the next day, even with the nasty night.