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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colorado Springs a.k.a. Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo is A-mazing!!!!

Warning: LOTS of pictures below. Oh yeah, and spell check didn't work, so sorry about any weird words I didn't catch.

Mary, Sam and I went to the zoo yesterday for Mary's final preschool trip. We have never been to the zoo here, but we have heard a lot about it. It was AWESOME! Seriously, I haven't been to such a great zoo in a long time. It was the perfect size, and there were a lot of hands on things for the kids. It is quite the hike, because it is up the side of Cheyenne Mountain, but Mary was able to do it, and I did it pregnant and with a stroller, so I guess it really wasn't horrible. The view from the top is incredible. All of the animals were out and very entertaining as well. We had a great time! We are getting a zoo pass for sure. Any time anyone wants to come visit us, we will take you there. It is added to our list of places to take people when they visit us. Our list is actually growing and it has so many cool things on it. Colorado is a great place to live. Ya'll really should come see us soon! You won't regret it.

Petting the goats. This was Sam's favorite part of the zoo.

The peacocks were CRAZY! During the preschool snack time, we heard a little girl screaming. We turned around and a peacock was chasing and hissing at this little girl. It was HILARIOUS, and the girl was fine. They were nuts!

The turtles were pretty neat. Mary liked how they felt.

Since we didn't see the hippos this time...this was my favorite part. It was so funny to see the giraffe's long toungues eat the crackers out of our hands. Mary thought it was great, it scared Sam to death.

Sam liked the animals that were more his size. I can't remember what these are, but they were litte, fuzzy and cute. Just Sam's style.

Mary and Miss Amy. Oh, how we will miss her. What an awesome teacher. She really did love the kids she taught. Mary loves her and is already asking when she will get to see her again. Sad.

Mary riding the "pretty horse." Precious.

Checking out the fish below the Bear exhibit.

Mary and two of her buddies checking out the bears. I have never seen bears so active at a zoo before. Usually they are just laying around. These two were wrestling and running around. It was really entertaining.

This is how Sam spent most of his zoo time. As long as there was food and a drink in front of him...he was o.k. for the most part. It was pretty hot, and he was a good sport. No, that's not lipstick, that is skittle juice all over his face.

The kids first time eating cotton candy. Of course, they both loved it. I did too.

In front of ths zoo, right before we left. Poor Mary is trying to console Sam who was so tired and hot that he was bawling his eyes out.

I got lost on the way home, and it took a while to get home. Luckily the kids slept, and continued to sleep for 2 1/2 more hours once we got home. Big day.


runningfan said...

So that's why no one was going to the park yesterday...

Colleen said...

It is a pretty amazing zoo! I am glad we connected for a bit, it was fun walking around with the kids all together. Fun times, fun times!

Jaggers Brain said...

You're family is so so so cute!!!! I can't believe how big they are getting!

Zoo's are awesome!

Berly said...

WE LOVE MISS AMY!! I was sad Nicole wasn't able to join in her class, but I know Kaylee loved it!!

Trinette McCrary said...

Great pictures! It was fun seeing you.

Cody said...

I LOVE that zoo! It is set up in the coolest place ever. I was probably 13 years old when I went there and I can distinctly remember wanting to adopt a wolf. Cheyenne Mtn Zoo is every child's dream!

kendra said...

You guys did a lot more than we did! Looks fun.